Friday, April 9, 2010

Confused Democrat Bart Stupak Quits Job

I’d like to see a poll of who is the most confused Democrat of all.  My guess would be Bart Stupak, who is the latest Democrat Party casualty of promising “no” but voting “yes.”   I hope he can get his confusion straightened out.  Then perhaps he can stop smearing dissident voices who felt that the health care vote was dishonest and that the bill was patently deceptive.   I imagine Bart Stupak could relate to that, and why should he quite therefore?


Of course, Stupak had to sing a swan song, perorating about how mean and vicious anti-Obama forces had created a hostile environment for him.   Another smear job, of course, and another indication of party denial. 


You don’t hear people like Stupak actually defending the health care bill.  I suppose that’s because there is no health care in it, just taxes, and Medicare cuts.   Democrats need to avoid such issues, just as they need to avoid the unemployment rate increased by failed stimulus policies. 


 Instead, you hear these mostly made up stories about how opposition to President Obama’s policies are rooted in racism.  The racism drama gets some fantastic embellishments from people who believe they are helping Democrats by advancing this blighted scenario.  I never respond to that rot because of what I know in my heart.   What need is there of reaction?   The racist narrative, so popularized in the smarmy lame-stream press, is just a white liberal fig-leaf covering a small you-know-what.  What?  J


So Boo-hoo, another Democratic wobbler goes hobbling off into the sunset.   Whatever his personal beliefs were, and who really knows except himself, he should not have misled his small contingent of Democrats.  


I hope Democrat Jason Altmire gets re-elected.   There is an hones man.  I don’t agree with him, but I have a great deal of respect for him. 


So buh-bye, Bart Stupak, and good riddance!





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