Friday, March 5, 2010

Democrats Love Our Enemies; Hate Our Friends

In keeping with its policies of embracing America’s enemies and crapping on its friends, Obama and his desperate Democrats in the House of Representatives passed a resolution which condemned “Armenian Genocide” of 90 plus years ago.   Will that soon be followed by another resolution condemning slavery and the Jim Crow laws?   Or how about another resolution condemning the Walking Purchase which ripped off a good part of the Eastern Frontier in the 1700s?   


It’s just sooooo important to recognize that this Congress has its fingers on the most pressing issues America faces. 

Alienating the Turks, who have recently increased their support of the U.S. effort in Afghanistan, is just another of the idiotic brain-dead actions of a failed administration.   It’s most disgusting, competing with such idiocy as court martialing a U.S. Navy Seal for capturing terrorist scum who tortured, maimed, desecrated, and murdered Americans who freed Iraq from the vicious tyrant Saddam Hussein.    


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