Friday, March 5, 2010

Dancing With David Paterson

On MSNBC this morning,  New York Times’ Thomas Friedman ditched any remaining credibility he had by declining to answer Joe Scarborough’s question:


“Do you think David Paterson should resign?”


Duh, tough one!   The brain-fat and pompous liberal narcissist said he wasn’t going to comment on that.   Why not?   Was he involved somehow?  In his mind, Friedman thinks he’s so important that he can’t even comment on the obvious.  As if his words would resound around the world and he would face difficulties in this occupation for commenting.   Isn’t that what he is?  A commentator?   


This is just about as good a scandal as Spitzer and his whores.   Paterson has adopted as a protégé a six foot seven body man who likes to beat his “bitches” down.   I suppose that Paterson was initially trying to do a “good thing” by helping a young kid very long ago. Unfortunately, the kid was psychologically unbalanced and, now a man, likes to smack women around.


So when one woman presses for a protection order, our second morally degenerate New York governor joins in a pressure campaign to whitewash the offense.   State police emissaries are sent.  The governor himself makes phone calls.   The woman is terrified but no one will listen.  The New York chapter of the National Organization of Women,  after heralding Paterson as a champion of women’s rights, has to step in to call for Paterson’s resignation.  


Meanwhile, smarmy liberal “thinkers” like Friedman are silent on the issue and that’s the big problem with the liberal line these days.   It’s bogus, phony, a cover-up.



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