Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Clashes in Jerusalem Mark Rising Tensions - NYTimes.com

Clashes in Jerusalem Mark Rising Tensions - NYTimes.comLeave it to the Obama administration to start an uprising in Jerusalem. After publicly berating the Israelis for building a housing development on Palestinian Jew side of Jerusalem, the Palestinian Arabs took it as a signal of support from Washington. Apparently, the President directed Hillary Clinton to call Netanyahu to complain of the timing, coinciding as it did with Joe Biden's visit.

The other coincidence, which really shows the tone-deafness of this administration, is the this is "IAW" (Israeli "Apartheid" Week) and and Islamist students are doing their anti-Semitic best to spread anti-Jewish propaganda on campuses around the country.

Of course, this far loony-left administration has been anti-Israel in both thought and deed, in spite of what the president may have said to AIPAC before he was elected.

Of course, the Palestinian Arabs are the same people who went to Hitler to ask if they could help with the roundup of the Jews.

Rather than look for the Israelis to apologize, President Obama should apologize, unless like Jesse Jackson, he believes that thoughts like mine come from "Hymietown."

I'm not Jewish but today we should all be Jewish.

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