Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Monday, March 29, 2010

Female Suicide Bombers Strike Main Subway Line in Moscow

Female Suicide Bombers Strike Main Subway Line in Moscow I had to tune BBC America this morning to get the story about the suicide bombings on the downtown Moscow subway. The U.S. coverage at 6:00 a.m. was limited to a “crawl” at the bottom of the screen. When the U.S. television stations did finally begin broadcasting the story, CNN treated the story as if it were a teaser for “American Idol.” Wait until we tell you why New York City is tightening surveillance on the subways this morning!

HEY!.... I have an idea. Click on the Headline to read more....

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Democrats Cut $500 Billion from Medicare

That's it--that's all of it. Plus tax increases and health care rationing.

Nancy Pelosi: Pass the Bill to Find Out What's In it

Yes, Pelosi is fatuous enough to have said that. I guess Prozac is plentiful in San Francisco. So the vote will occur in a few minutes and it will be fun to watch lock-step Democrats blindly walk the plank though most of the American people don't know this bill is a bad, contrived bill.

The Take: Historic win or not, Democrats could pay a price -

The Take: Historic win or not, Democrats could pay a price - washingtonpost.comDemocrats say we're on our way to a historic failure. Health care needed four "fixes" not a 2,000 page bill which wipes out the American at a time when job less is astronomical. HOw can people believe Obama who promised that, if we passed his stimulus bill, unemployment wouldn't go above 8 percent.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Clashes in Jerusalem Mark Rising Tensions -

Clashes in Jerusalem Mark Rising Tensions - NYTimes.comLeave it to the Obama administration to start an uprising in Jerusalem. After publicly berating the Israelis for building a housing development on Palestinian Jew side of Jerusalem, the Palestinian Arabs took it as a signal of support from Washington. Apparently, the President directed Hillary Clinton to call Netanyahu to complain of the timing, coinciding as it did with Joe Biden's visit.

The other coincidence, which really shows the tone-deafness of this administration, is the this is "IAW" (Israeli "Apartheid" Week) and and Islamist students are doing their anti-Semitic best to spread anti-Jewish propaganda on campuses around the country.

Of course, this far loony-left administration has been anti-Israel in both thought and deed, in spite of what the president may have said to AIPAC before he was elected.

Of course, the Palestinian Arabs are the same people who went to Hitler to ask if they could help with the roundup of the Jews.

Rather than look for the Israelis to apologize, President Obama should apologize, unless like Jesse Jackson, he believes that thoughts like mine come from "Hymietown."

I'm not Jewish but today we should all be Jewish.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Obama's There for Cancer Patient

President Obama is trundling off to Ohio with his entourage in tow. He tells the crowd he's there for a cancer patient who couldn't get health insurance. Trust me, Obama's there for Obama.

If the President so much wants a Health Care Bill, he should do it in such a way that doesn't freeze out more than half the country. I guess that would mean much needed tort reform, making insurance competitive by buying insurance across state lines, getting rid of public pay for abortion, and finding out what the other half of the country wants. Not likely with Obama, surrounded by sychophants.

The latest is that Axelrod et al are trying to scapegoat Rahm Emmanuel for the impasse. Why not the Israelis? They're proving to be a handy scapegoat for an administration which kow-tows to enemies and disparages friends.

Bachmann: Obama First 'Post-American' President, Compares Him to Chavez | The FOX Nation

Bachmann: Obama First 'Post-American' President, Compares Him to Chavez | The FOX NationYou've got to laugh at that crack--the first "Post American President." I can't stop laughing, so tired we are of hearing from some Democrats about how Obama is this great new thing. Sounds like they're selling soapsuds. I didn't think any president could ever be to the left of Jimmy Carter.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Pelosi: Swamp Creature

Ya’ gotta’ wonder.  Didn’t Nanzi (sp) Pelosi say she wanted to “drain the swamp?”  So how come Wrangel’s still lurking, with his 4 New York City rent-controlled apartments and the income he’s stolen from taxpayers?   Not to mention another ½ million in income he forgot to declare.


Speaking of swamp creatures, Nanzi Bytoxic should look into the activities of Pennsylvania representative Paul Kanjorski.   Kanjorski routinely spreads the pork grease around to relatives and cronies in the habitually public monies addicted Lackawanna and Wyoming Valleys near Scranton and Wilkes-Barre.



President Obama's Colonoscopy Successful, Say Docs

President Obama's Colonoscopy Successful, Say Docs - Associated Content -

Left Wing California 9-11 Conspiracy Theorist Shoots Pentagon Officers

Dancing With David Paterson

On MSNBC this morning,  New York Times’ Thomas Friedman ditched any remaining credibility he had by declining to answer Joe Scarborough’s question:


“Do you think David Paterson should resign?”


Duh, tough one!   The brain-fat and pompous liberal narcissist said he wasn’t going to comment on that.   Why not?   Was he involved somehow?  In his mind, Friedman thinks he’s so important that he can’t even comment on the obvious.  As if his words would resound around the world and he would face difficulties in this occupation for commenting.   Isn’t that what he is?  A commentator?   


This is just about as good a scandal as Spitzer and his whores.   Paterson has adopted as a protégé a six foot seven body man who likes to beat his “bitches” down.   I suppose that Paterson was initially trying to do a “good thing” by helping a young kid very long ago. Unfortunately, the kid was psychologically unbalanced and, now a man, likes to smack women around.


So when one woman presses for a protection order, our second morally degenerate New York governor joins in a pressure campaign to whitewash the offense.   State police emissaries are sent.  The governor himself makes phone calls.   The woman is terrified but no one will listen.  The New York chapter of the National Organization of Women,  after heralding Paterson as a champion of women’s rights, has to step in to call for Paterson’s resignation.  


Meanwhile, smarmy liberal “thinkers” like Friedman are silent on the issue and that’s the big problem with the liberal line these days.   It’s bogus, phony, a cover-up.



Democrats Love Our Enemies; Hate Our Friends

In keeping with its policies of embracing America’s enemies and crapping on its friends, Obama and his desperate Democrats in the House of Representatives passed a resolution which condemned “Armenian Genocide” of 90 plus years ago.   Will that soon be followed by another resolution condemning slavery and the Jim Crow laws?   Or how about another resolution condemning the Walking Purchase which ripped off a good part of the Eastern Frontier in the 1700s?   


It’s just sooooo important to recognize that this Congress has its fingers on the most pressing issues America faces. 

Alienating the Turks, who have recently increased their support of the U.S. effort in Afghanistan, is just another of the idiotic brain-dead actions of a failed administration.   It’s most disgusting, competing with such idiocy as court martialing a U.S. Navy Seal for capturing terrorist scum who tortured, maimed, desecrated, and murdered Americans who freed Iraq from the vicious tyrant Saddam Hussein.    


Monday, March 1, 2010

Hawaiians Could Get Tribal Status If Bill Passes Congress
You need to know about the "Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act." Why risk losing out on extra benefits in these tough times?
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