Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Today, We Are All From Nebraska

Yes, it's important to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Nebraska's Senator Ben Nelson who hornswoggled (Nebraska word) the Democrat Congress into paying for all of Nebraska's Medicaid Costs in perpetuity.

And why shouldn't we want to do that? Think of the consequences not doing that--of looking petty, or petulant, or prickly, or any of the other horrible adjectives which begin with a "p."

And wasn't it "'portant" to get a one-party health care vote in the dead of night? Think of the 26 million people who will be left alone, who will not have health care, unmolested by the Big Brother Government. Shouldn't we be glad for them that they won't have to either share or benefit from the multi-trillion dollar pig-in-a-poke Health Care Bill which nobody seems to know much about? And what about the new millions who we are told will be covered, though at third world levels? And why should senior receiving Medicare now not be thrilled with 500 billion in Medicare cuts? Sure, they worked for a benefit that will now be paid for free by the Big Brother government, but so what? It's the Christmas season. 'Tis the season for sharing. And that's why today we are all Nebraskans!

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