Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thomson Illinois Becomes Gitmo Prisoner Terror Headquarters

I don't know exactly why I've fixated on Dick Durbin as the ultimate Dunce of Democratic Party Politics. Perhaps because he's from Illinois. Perhaps because his first and last name has an attractive alliteration with "Dunce." No matter the reason, Durbin was on TV today crowing about the jobs the Illinois Gitmo would provide. Yeah, well the jobs are good but it's pretty pathetic that the only kind of jobs the Obama administration can create are prison jobs.

What I'd like to talk about, however, is how stupid are these people who are defending Obama's decision to close Gitmo and bring in the prisoners to U.S. soil. Defenders assure us of the "complete safety" of the move. They tell us of the "Supermax" conditions of tight security, how these prisons are inescapable. Yeah, well that's nice too, but hardly the point.

What I'd like to know is how the Obamanites are going to prevent these murderin' psychotic nazi elite terrorists from communicating with other like-minded creeps inside and outside the prison system. The terrorists are going to be extended rights and avenues of communication that they don't have in Gitmo. In Gitmo, they're cut off. Terror communications go mostly nowhere, though I suspect some news traveled with released Gitmo prisoners.

But in Illinois? Please? Prisoners routinely order hits, and their lawyers (look up Lynne Stewart) routinely carry terrorist messages in spite the law. Thomson, Illinois--The New Al Qaeda Headquarters..

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