Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tales from the Treasury Crypt, with Nancy Pelosi

In a press conference this week, Speaker Pelosi told news people that Democrats would like to rack up a health care plan quickly so that she could give it to the American people as a Christmas/ New Year’s “present.”

She didn’t mention whether she would include a receipt in the package so that we could quickly run back to Customer Service to return it or get something we can actually use—like a tax break to stimulate small business jobs. I expect those lines would be long enough to wind around the world since 54 percent of Americans are against it and only 34 percent for it.

These coming holidays are beginning to look more like the Mexican Day of the Dead, as Pelosi and Reid announce they want to raise the debt limit. As if “astronomical” is too limited an adjective to describe the Slush Fund that used to be the Taxpayer’s Treasury.

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