Sunday, December 27, 2009

Obama Administration Proud of Its Security Measures

So after three days, the Obama administration officials are out in force with a MESSAGE! The message is that everything worked beautifully in stopping the Christmas Bomber from taking down a Northwest Airline flight. Oh, really? I thought we just got lucky that the bomber effed up.

Napolitano and Gibbs insist, though, that it was through the clever security schemes of the Obama administration that thwarted a bigger disaster. Wow, thanks, Janet! I really feel like flying now. If this is success, I wonder how you'd define failure.

So the Christmas bomber was on a watch list, bought a one-way ticket with cash and no luggage, and spent most of the flight in the bathroom and yet, magically, the security measures worked? I'm still not getting it. I don't think Homeland Security is getting it either.

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