Monday, November 16, 2009

Obama Asks for Delay in Congressional Hearings on Fort Hood

President Obama cautions against "political theatre" in asking for a delay of Congressional hearings on the Fort Hood Massacre by Soldier of Allah Hasan. But wasn't the Obama administration handling of the murder and mayhem at Fort Hood the very sort of political theatre Obama cautions against? Against what everyone knew immediately due to Hasan's shouted "Allah Akhbar!" as he pumped bullets into unarmed troops at Fort Hood, the Obama administration warned against jumping to the correct conclusion. Instead, he wanted everyone to jump to the P C conclusion--the wrong one as it turns out.

I can sort of see the reason for Obama's request for a delay. The Army CID needs a little breathing space to get its act together. But Obama has done little to establish credibility with those who question his bona fides with regard to a number of pressing issues.

His dithering on Afghanistan, even after being president for ten months and being thoroughly briefed by the Bush administration, is cynical and dangerous. While Obama dithers, the troops are suffering for lack of support, and the Taliban surges. It seems as if Obama's intent is to let the situation deteriorate to the point where he can sound a retreat.

Obama/Holder's decision to try the Gitmo prisoners in downtown Manhattan is a move both political and dangerous.

Obama's message on foreign policy in general has been amateurish if not destructive. Congress should go ahead with its hearings, as the Obama team routinely suppresses information it doesn't want Americans to know. Congressman Pete Hoekstra and Senator Joe Lieberman recognized the lack of "transparency" for what it is--an attempt to hide from America what it needs to know as it elects its leaders.

If Congress delays its own investigations as a courtesy (even when it receives no courtesy in return), that's one thing. But delaying full investigations into the Hasan affair runs counter to American security interests. It's likely that this president will not become enlightened without more terror attacks, which he seems to be invited by treating terrorist matters as criminal matters.

Not me. I recognize that Nidal Hasan is not at all like the terrific Muslim lady who works so hard and conscientiously for her family at the local Walmart. But these others? They need congress to shine a light on them since only darkness is coming from this administration.

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