Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Iran: Please Return Our Stupid Student Spies

While President Obama awaits a coombaye moment after reaching out to Iran, the Ayatollahs and Iran's president Mock-Mood Jeremiah-jad are hanging on to a trio of clueless school kids who strayed across the borders. Imprisoned for several months, the kids are being held hostage in an Iranian Uranium Enrichment extortion plot. The leading Paranoid State in the region has moved back to its 7th century roots and insists that the "spies" will be punished.

It's true America's desperate but not so desperate as to hire these pups to glean information that is already widely known. Iranian Islam wants the bomb, probably has the bomb, probably intends to use it to intimidate or incinerate its neighbors.

The Iranian regime is a joke. Unfortunately, the joke doesn't extend to dissenters like young Nida, shot down by Iranian Secret Police thugs during a demonstration. If the Paranoid State of Iran ever let go of its oppressed people for one moment, Mock-Mood would no doubt get strung up by his heels in some public square a la Mussolini.

The sooner the better, but with Obama it will probably be later, after he's out of office. Obama's in a perpetual state of "Waiting for Godot." Somebody ought to clue him in; we're not buying it.

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