Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Another Day of Waiting in Afghanistan

On the next chi-chi outing President Obama takes to New York City, I'd suggest he get tickets to a Brecht play called "Waiting for Godot." After that, he should see Shakespeare's "Hamlet." Both these plays have to do with waiting, being unable to make up one's mind, and with speaking in riddles.

But I guess the President, by his absurd ten-month long fanciful notions about "re-thinking" and wanting "additional options" has fulfilled his purpose of letting General McChrystal know who's boss. The President's behavior is typical of people lacking confidence in themselves, finding it then convenient to lay a heavy hand on the shoulders of the people who cannot easily speak out for obvious reasons.

Obama wants out. This "strategy" he has of waiting for fate to decide the issue for him is cowardly. Worse, it hurts the troops. Eventually, it will hurt all of America.

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