Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hurry Up and Wait : The Swine Flu Epidemic That Wasn't

Or maybe it will be, yet. I can't recall an era when people were warned off so urgently on the seasonal flu. Thunderous anti-epidemic roars came out of the White House and were transmitted everywhere. Take this one seriously, folks. We're going to save you in this unprecedented era of ObamaCare.

Big problem, though. No vaccine. Lots of schools and institutions gave their staff members dates for the vaccinations, only to cancel at the last minute. A teacher I know heard it over the loudspeaker. Flu vaccinations cancelled until further notice.

The weirdest thing is that DHHS Secretary Sibelius is telling everyone a fairy story about how the companies making the vaccines missed their promised target dates. Three of those companies told CNN they made their target dates, that it was no problem. But thre was a problem in distribution because, unlike other years, this year the government stepped in to help. That's right. The federal government is handling the distribution. And no vaccine. And the waiting. The waiting. And no vaccine. It's rather fortunate the government was exaggerating the threat in the first place. If the flu were as bad as the scare tactics used, or if there were some other kind of major health event(think anthrax), we'd be in deep shit. We're in deep shit anyway with this crew....

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