Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Corruption You Can Believe In

Even for liberal Democrats, George Bush has to be looking better in retrospect than they would admit when he was in office. If the ACORN scandals aren't enough, there's the matter of Charlie Rangel, under investigation for his secret rent-controlled aparments in New York. How does Rangel get rent-controlled apartments anyway? Weren't they originally intended to help "the poor?" Rangel is helping himself to the poorbox, evading taxes on other property he owns and making taxpayers pay for his campaign efforts.

Pennsylvania has more than it's share of rot, too, with Senator Bob Casey voting to continue supporting ACORN, in spite of its ill use of HUD funds. In western Pa, blowhard John Murtha is happy with his own private airport in Johnstown, bought with your money, of course. Three practically empty flights a day, all to D.C. and all subsidized by you!

Speaker of the House Pelosi is setting a fine smokescreen in trying to call attention to the CIA instead of political rot and corruption. No matter that 7 former CIA Directors have written a letter and told Obama to lay off the people who just foiled a New York Subway system attack.

I expect soon to hear Pelosi to appear at a ceremoney dedicating a statue or a street to convicted felon William Jefferson, you know, the guy who had 90K of cash dollars stuffed in his freezer. That's classic "reform", according to last year's campaign rhetoric.

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