Friday, September 25, 2009

By The Way.... Did Iran Forget to Mention a Uranium Plant?

Ooooops....So Ahmadinajad forgot to mention they were bringing another secret nuclear plant on line when he spoke before the United Nutcase Security Council. The Iranian president was too busy foaming at the mouth and denying the murder of six million Jews, apparently.

Meanwhile, the terror plot in New York involves a Queens Imam who did double duty as a police informant but was more loyal to Al Qaeda than to innocent Americans he intended to kill while riding public transit or attending public events. The Imam tips off his terror correspondent in Colorado,a guy named Zazi, who has a thing for beauty parlors. So glad that the loonie left hasn't yet managed to stop necessary communications surveillance, which picked off the plot. It's funny--some of them are the very nutjobs who daily ride the NYC transit systems day and would have been the first targets. I wonder who the people are who went with Zazi to Pakistan for explosives and terror training?

Speaking of nutcases, there is Michael Finton, the chump who believed he was triggering a bomb at an Illinois federal building but he was really triggering handcuffs for himself. Sick, effed up, and twisted American with grandiose megalo notions of mass murder.

On the Apologia Front, we have Geraldo Rivera on Fox News telling us that he loves it that Obama is reaching out to the Ahmadinajads, the Chavez'. I rather like Rivera as a human but, as a political analyst, he seems never to have gone beyond looking for Al Capone's bones in the basement of a Chicago whorehouse many years ago.

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