Thursday, September 10, 2009

8.5 Billion of Obama Stimulus Plan Goes to ACORN

The gravy train is about to run off the track along with the Obama stimulus budget. It doesn't do much for the credibility of a president who began his administration in the shadows of Rezko to put this "neighborhood" pork into the stimulus bill. However, there's much in the Obama stimulus which doesn't have any benefit to the real economy and is tantamount to throwing taxpayer money out the window.

Obama is rapidly losing credibility with the public and the wild expenditures and lack of fiscal control of his administration is why even good health care reform ideas are being tossed aside. Fewer people trust the president than ever before, and Mr. Obama hurts his own case by engaging in continuous back-story activity such as handouts to ACORN, Big Labor, and to lobbyists in the Health Care establishment who hope to get a leg up in catching the brass ring of government-taxpayer largesse.

The problem with the Obama administration is not so much what the president says; it's more about what he doesn't tell you. Americans feel that so much of what President Obama tells them simply doesn't add up. It was not smart to begin a "health care reform" speech with mention of the "mess I inherited" because this only reminded people of the deep trough of debt in which he has mired the government. It was not smart to compare expenditures in Iraq with expenditures for government health care expansion, not while he needs American support for the war in Afghanistan.

It's all very disappointing that the President is the victim of the men and women who surround and advise him. Instead of pulling him to the center, as some in his party have tried to do, people like Axelrod, Jarett, Sunstein, Burton, Pelosi, Van Jones and others have encouraged him to indulge his own left-liberal inclinations.

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