Friday, September 25, 2009

Sell the Dollar: Terror in the Supermarket - Associated Content -

Sell the Dollar: Terror in the Supermarket - Associated Content -

Sell the Dollar

So you have all these people in government diddling the damaged economy and poor helpless suckers like myself have no choice but to go along. Well, yeah I'm plenty mad and I'm shouting it from the rooftops but we are essentially powerless.

I go to the grocery store to shop once in a while. I like grocery shopping but my wife doesn't often let me do it. I like grocery shopping because it keeps me grounded. I used to work in a grocery store while I was in college and I find it a much better barometer of the economy than the price of gold, the S&P, the CPI or the other econ indicators.

Food prices are high; there's no doubt about it. To spend more than a $1.00 for one little can of flat achovies is proof enough. A can of soup costs 2 bucks. Bread is high. Milk is not so bad--dairy farmers are complaining of the low prices they're getting for milk these days. You get a lot of milk for your 3 dollars. But bread!...hell... 3 bucks for a loaf of bread? You need a lot of bread if you have a family. Cheese? That's for rich people unless you can make your own. I splurged (my wife likes it) to buy a little flat of "Brie" (merci beaucoup, Francaises) and goodbye 6 bucks. Okay, you're bored, I won't go on.

What I'm getting at is that these people in government are diddling with the dollar and the dollar's not worth much and they know it. Printing money and then throwing it around means it loses value and that you'll have to eat all your "Brie" in the U.S. because you can't afford to eat it in France. The cheap dollar benefits U.S. exports even while it makes life hard for ordinary Americans. Exports means jobs in U.S. factories, a thing that is partly true so long as the manufacturing is done in the the Unions wish. That would seem to be a good thing except that the Unions are the greatest beneficiaries of the auto bailouts, getting billions of our money taken from us and handed to a privileged groups of auto workers who have higher wages than most of us and can afford the high prices in grocery stores caused by the cheap dollars.

The cheap dollar is getting cheaper as more phony stimulus money is pumped into the economy. The "recovery" will be a long time getting down to the rest of us but the cheap dollar will help the politicians to keep their jobs, they hope. Eventually, they'll have to do something about it because there is a breaking point. The breaking point is now. Things are really awful in the supermarket.

Obama Shows Signs of Waking Up to Iran Nuclear Intentions

President Obama's statements were not as clear as Israeli PM Netanyahu's statements yesterday with regard to Iran's intentions, but it was something. After months of placating Ahmadinajad in a series of soft, muted statements, Obama took the occasion of the G-20 meetings to make a strong statement about a new secret Iranian nuclear processing plant.

I think President Obama is serious, but it's likely the Iranians don't. AFter all, they were receiving quite a different message for too long. Bibi's statements yesterday at the U.N may have lit a fire under some highly positioned U.S. butts, and it is hoped that the hemmorhoids Netanyahu created in his powerful and lucid speech will continue to keep the American conscience awake.

By The Way.... Did Iran Forget to Mention a Uranium Plant?

Ooooops....So Ahmadinajad forgot to mention they were bringing another secret nuclear plant on line when he spoke before the United Nutcase Security Council. The Iranian president was too busy foaming at the mouth and denying the murder of six million Jews, apparently.

Meanwhile, the terror plot in New York involves a Queens Imam who did double duty as a police informant but was more loyal to Al Qaeda than to innocent Americans he intended to kill while riding public transit or attending public events. The Imam tips off his terror correspondent in Colorado,a guy named Zazi, who has a thing for beauty parlors. So glad that the loonie left hasn't yet managed to stop necessary communications surveillance, which picked off the plot. It's funny--some of them are the very nutjobs who daily ride the NYC transit systems day and would have been the first targets. I wonder who the people are who went with Zazi to Pakistan for explosives and terror training?

Speaking of nutcases, there is Michael Finton, the chump who believed he was triggering a bomb at an Illinois federal building but he was really triggering handcuffs for himself. Sick, effed up, and twisted American with grandiose megalo notions of mass murder.

On the Apologia Front, we have Geraldo Rivera on Fox News telling us that he loves it that Obama is reaching out to the Ahmadinajads, the Chavez'. I rather like Rivera as a human but, as a political analyst, he seems never to have gone beyond looking for Al Capone's bones in the basement of a Chicago whorehouse many years ago.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Netanyahu on Obama and Abbas

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Corruption You Can Believe In

Even for liberal Democrats, George Bush has to be looking better in retrospect than they would admit when he was in office. If the ACORN scandals aren't enough, there's the matter of Charlie Rangel, under investigation for his secret rent-controlled aparments in New York. How does Rangel get rent-controlled apartments anyway? Weren't they originally intended to help "the poor?" Rangel is helping himself to the poorbox, evading taxes on other property he owns and making taxpayers pay for his campaign efforts.

Pennsylvania has more than it's share of rot, too, with Senator Bob Casey voting to continue supporting ACORN, in spite of its ill use of HUD funds. In western Pa, blowhard John Murtha is happy with his own private airport in Johnstown, bought with your money, of course. Three practically empty flights a day, all to D.C. and all subsidized by you!

Speaker of the House Pelosi is setting a fine smokescreen in trying to call attention to the CIA instead of political rot and corruption. No matter that 7 former CIA Directors have written a letter and told Obama to lay off the people who just foiled a New York Subway system attack.

I expect soon to hear Pelosi to appear at a ceremoney dedicating a statue or a street to convicted felon William Jefferson, you know, the guy who had 90K of cash dollars stuffed in his freezer. That's classic "reform", according to last year's campaign rhetoric.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Obama Disses David Letterman

That Big Wind you heard the other night was David Letterman's deflated ego when President Obama congratulated him on winning an Emmy. The problem was that Letterman didn't win an emmy; the award went to much more talented Jon Stewart. Letterman's wedgie humor has its anal-rententive fans but we're all not inclined to sit around in circle jerk formation to stare at out navel.

Obama obviously felt that Letterman was too unimportant for him to read, even in a prepared brief. Poor Letterman, all that persnickety sucking up gone to waste.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

NRA Exposes America's Mayors in Anti-Gun Lobby Effort, Page 3 of 3 - Associated Content -

NRA Exposes America's Mayors in Anti-Gun Lobby Effort, Page 3 of 3 - Associated Content - associatedcontent.comWant to know if your city or town Mayor joined Michael Bloomberg's anti- 2nd Amendment Campaign? The answers right here. Just click on it to find out if your mayor is on the NRA list. Meanwhile, I urge residents of Stroudsburg, Easton, Allentown, and Bethlehem Pennsylvanai to write their mayors and urge them to drop out of this unfair impingement on the rights of law-abiding citizens.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

8.5 Billion of Obama Stimulus Plan Goes to ACORN

The gravy train is about to run off the track along with the Obama stimulus budget. It doesn't do much for the credibility of a president who began his administration in the shadows of Rezko to put this "neighborhood" pork into the stimulus bill. However, there's much in the Obama stimulus which doesn't have any benefit to the real economy and is tantamount to throwing taxpayer money out the window.

Obama is rapidly losing credibility with the public and the wild expenditures and lack of fiscal control of his administration is why even good health care reform ideas are being tossed aside. Fewer people trust the president than ever before, and Mr. Obama hurts his own case by engaging in continuous back-story activity such as handouts to ACORN, Big Labor, and to lobbyists in the Health Care establishment who hope to get a leg up in catching the brass ring of government-taxpayer largesse.

The problem with the Obama administration is not so much what the president says; it's more about what he doesn't tell you. Americans feel that so much of what President Obama tells them simply doesn't add up. It was not smart to begin a "health care reform" speech with mention of the "mess I inherited" because this only reminded people of the deep trough of debt in which he has mired the government. It was not smart to compare expenditures in Iraq with expenditures for government health care expansion, not while he needs American support for the war in Afghanistan.

It's all very disappointing that the President is the victim of the men and women who surround and advise him. Instead of pulling him to the center, as some in his party have tried to do, people like Axelrod, Jarett, Sunstein, Burton, Pelosi, Van Jones and others have encouraged him to indulge his own left-liberal inclinations.

ACORN Baltimore Prostitution Investigation Part I

Support Your Local Pimp - Contact Baltimore Acorn Office for Details...

Monday, September 7, 2009

Barack Obama in Greenwood, SC

Another iteration of the same speech he gave to a Labor audience in Cincinnati...

South Carolina Intro

Barack Obama today told a Cincinnati Big Labor audience that there were about 20 people in his audience when he first visited Greenwood, S.C. He said the weather was bad. In this video, it looks like a few more than 20 people and he tells the audience that the weather is good. To this president, Truth is elastic, and can be stretched to suit political purposes.

Ahmadinejad: Iran 'Will Never Negotiate' Over Nuclear 'Rights' - Iran | Map | News -

Ahmadinejad: Iran 'Will Never Negotiate' Over Nuclear 'Rights' - Iran | Map | News - FOXNews.comAhmadinejad continues to thumb his nose at Hilary and Barack. Aopparently, the Iranian fascist believes that a nuclear bomb (which it can use to destroy the Infidel Nation)is a right guaranteed by Allah.

Meanwhile, Allah is said to be working on new U.N sanctions, along with Barack and Hilary.

Ahmadinajad believes that Allah is making a big mistake to think that Iran will quit its efforts at making a bomb.

"Sanctions?" cries Ahmadinajad. "I'm supposed to fear sanctions?"

Van Jones "Resigns"

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Van Jones resignsResigned, did you say?

I guess you might think there were a series of oblique telephone, personal visit or text message references from the Obama White House which led to Van Jones being fired. Of course, the President would be insulated by layers and layers of proxies, and so don't expect even a wink or a wiff of smoke from Barack. Now or ever. The topic is toxic and people are already looking at other "Truthers" in the Obama White House.

The worst thing about this administration is how it has renamed everything and thereby provided cover for its robotic ideologues who are imprinted with conventional socialist ideology.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Did Obama Administration Wink at Megrahi Release? - Associated Content

Did Obama Administration Wink at Megrahi Release? - Associated Content

Swine Flu Spam Campaign: Coming to you Right Now in Your Town

Beware the Swine Flu Ad and Spam Campaign, coming to you from every direction in your town. Launched by the Obama administration, the massive Swine Flue Ad Campaign promises to be worse than contracting the Swine Flu illness, worse even than college students and other innocents being blown up in mid-air over Lockerbie, Scotland just a few days before Christmas.

Yesterday, President Obama stood beside DHHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano, to reassure a trembling America that Vigilance was the Watchword at Mission Control in Washington D.C.. Rest easy, America, and forget about Iran, Global Terrorism, the March to Socialism, Cap and Tax, and sundry other phony issues conjured up by the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy. Instead, enjoy being awash in an avalanche of Swine Flu Spam. Yes, people can die from Swine Flu, but they can also die from standard flu, and they can die from a myriad of other things, too, including crashing the Smart Four-Twos which have received 5-star crash test ratings from Your Government.

Millions of people have already been saved by the Dynamic Trio, and that’s only because Your Government is ready to deal with this hyperbole. Watch Your Government stop Swine Flu dead in its tracks. It may be the most important thing you do for what little remains of your life if you do not pass Health Care Reform and are not Saved by Sebelius, Nurtured by Napolitano, and Obligated by Obama.