Thursday, August 20, 2009

Plaxico Burris Gets Two Year Jail Sentence For Gun Possession Charge

There's a Wall Street Journal story sayin' that former New York Giant's football star copped a plea and got a two-year sentence for shooting himself in the thigh at New York's Latin Quarter nightclub. That's copping a plea? Well, yeah...the NY District Attorney Morganthau's pushing hard as a frontline troop for Mayor Bloomberg's anti-gun crusade. District Attorney Morganthau had been pushing hard for a 3 and 1/2 year sentence which Burris would have been facing had he lost in a court trial. Morganthau had to make an example of Burris in order to please Bloomberg's uptown friends on the East and West Sides of Manhattan. Morganthau stressed how dangerous the shooting was for other persons in the bar. The Wall Street Journal says that the police forensics team extracted the bullet from the floor.

If the bullet lodged in the floor, then it was pointed downward, passing through the football player's leg and then hitting the floor. Burris is the sacrificial victim of Mayor Blooomberg's well-known anti-gun crusades. Burris shouldn't have been playin' at being a gangsta' but 2 years borders on gun-control-mania-psychosis of the severest kind. Surely, New York legal officials have better to do than criminalizing football players. A less obsessive-compulsive political system would , make him do 3 months, and release him on parole for the rest of the time.

Well, maybe if he was more like Troy Davis and in a scuffle when a cop got killed, Burris could have people like President Carter and organizations like Amnesty International pitching for him.

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