Monday, August 31, 2009

Obama - Holder Strictly Political, Says Cheney

You can't argue with Cheney--Obama and Holder are playing politics. Dick Cheney's popularity keeps rising while Barack Obama's continues to drop. The Obama Drop in popularity has set speed records for new presidents as Americans realize (in Obama's own words) that "you can put lipstick on a pig but it's still a pig."

So with the pig-in-a-poke health care bill still shape-shifting, Obama needed to find a way to garner support. Unfortunately, President Obama is reaching out to America's enemies, whether intended or not, and I could not honestly say I' m sure it is the latter.

Enter Eric Holder, left-wing Attorney General, who has embarked on a Crusade against the CIA, much to the chagrin of CIA Chief Panetta. I was wrong about Panetta, accusing him of marching in lockstep with the Obama plan. But reports say that Leon Panetta has ripped into Obama administration officials with a fury and a vengeance that can only come from a man betrayed by his leadership. Another prominent Democrat, Dianne Feinstein of California, has also come out in strong opposition to the president's plans to put the CIA in the docket. Obama's pretending that it is entirely Holder's choice to prosecute against the CIA, but that is a complete crock, rather like the crock that would have you believe the Obama administration knew nothing beforehand about the release of the Lockerbie Bomber after only 7 years in a cushy Scottish jail.

We all know that the Obama administration has rolled out the red carpet to disaster in this (fill in the blank) ________________ (reversal, lie, deception, failure of heart, response to lunatic fringe....

American military personnel have been subjected to far harsher treatment during their training than the mass casualty murderers committed to a global terror campaign. It's no coincidence that few top Obama officials (with some exceptions) have ever served anyone but themselves, let alone in military service.

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