Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Obama Draws the Curtain Closed on Health Care Plans

The Democratic National Committee needs to get a grip. On August 4, the DNC issued a message attempting to explain all disagreement with the Obama Government Health Care Plan as the machinations of right-wing extremists. That the angry protestors at Democrat town hall meetings must be agents provocateurs is a strictly paranoid notion and not a mild case of it either. That’s the kind of paranoia that characterized Nazi Germany in the 30s. The Obamanites don’t seem to understand that people may be legitimately angry with the Obama government, that people may even demonstrate their anger publicly and loudly. Isn’t that allowed under the 1st Amendment? That’s the trouble with today’s Democrats; they only respect the constitutional amendments they like.

And why is the Obama administration and the DNC trying to stifle debate and dialogue regarding any of its plans? An open discussion is exactly what’s needed before Rahm Emmanual and Barack Obama go marching the U.S. budget off a cliff while imagining a health care system that is neither defined, properly studied, nor revealed to voters.

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