Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Letter to Senator Bob Casey of Pennsylvania

I just spent several hours perusing the House Bill 3200 about the Obama Health Care Scam and find it bureacratic in the extreme. It's too large and complex a bill to be run efficiently by the federal government. A few well-considered laws would have better addressed the problems with the current health care system. Had the President not squandered all of America's resources in bailing out banks, insurance companies,GM and Chrysler, the bill might have gotten a bit more respect--severely revised, of course. Perhaps even a few Republicans would have helped revise it.

Senator Specter seems not to understand HOuse Bill 3200, judging from his Town Hall yesterday. I expect that Senator CAsey couldn't explain it to anyone either, not without spending the rest of his term studying it. I sent him a letter, anyway. His web site indicates he's a staunch supporter of the President's scam. I asked that he should oppose the bill but he'll probably continue to support it. We're talking major Democratic Party lockstep here.

I doubt that God could comprehend this bill, and if God did, He would vote against it.

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