Thursday, August 27, 2009

Let's Not Forget Afghanistan

During the campaign, President Obama tried to combine his criticisms of Bush war policy with emphasis on Afghanistan. That's where he was going to catch Bin Laden, remember? Most Americans recognized then and now that Obama can't tell the difference between a .223 and a JDAM, and having "catching Obama" as your number one war objective only works as a Hollywood script. There's some chance that Bush killed Bin Laden many moons ago or at least made him very sick, so President Obama should wean himself from his Jon Lovett dreams and exaggerations and get real about fighting the war in Afghanistan.

Ironic that Obama's strongest support in the Afghan war effort are Republicans, but most want him to stop posing and get on with the business. The president did approve more troops for that effort but it is a open question as to whether the President did that as a political tactic or a war tactic.

We can't let the Taliban open up a Homeland For Terror, and more troops would help. We hope the commanders aren't afraid to ask for them, due to political considerations. The Taliban owns about 1/3 of the country and helps its financing efforts by poisoning the world with cheap heroin. Of course, American and European drug users are "helping" in this great Taliban push but what do they care?

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