Friday, August 21, 2009

Eric Holder - David Axelrod Mustache Communicates Something--but What?

Eric Holder's teeny mustache causes me great worry because I don't know what he means to say with it. It means something, doesn't it? One's personal style, one's dress, and facial hair have some meaning. Prez Obama has adopted what I call a Socratic Academic style--where what he says (usually peripatetic) is supposed to mean less than how he says it. I call Eric Holder's style a mini-Fuhrer style and I expect others have noticed it to0. At some point, Holder will be told to get rid of the moustache, mark my words. And David Axelrod, too. It's too much of an Obama administration thing, and with the President's popularity sinking, you don't need to recall even a hint of anything that reminds people of Adolf.

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