Monday, July 13, 2009

Wise Latino Woman Confirmation Hearings

The Wide Latino Woman (or is that "Wise?) Confirmation Hearings are in full swing. The chorus has been singing the weekly praise and the stage is set. They've even hired a comedian-- Al Frankel. For what other reason would they have a jerk like that serving on the Judiciary Committee? Unless they hand out law degrees at Saturday Night Live... well, I guess qualifications are not very much an obstacle with liberal Democrats these days. A two year Senator in the White House.... and just look at the bloopers in the Obama World Tour where the President never misses a chance to advance a revisionist left-wing view of world politics.

Frankel's much the same, with the added benefit of being a comedian. Ha-ha!... So listen, Sonya...did you hear the one about?... Har-har....

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