Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wide Latino Woman Sotomayor Falls Flat

I watched part of the confirmation hearing for the Obama Supreme Court nominee and was greatly underwhelmed by Sotomayor's lack of response to such questions as gun rights, the death penalty, and her "wise Latino woman" remarks. She wouldn't admit to making the stupid remark until after several times attempting to sidestep the issue. Her method was Obamanesque...the remarks were "taken out of context" blah-blah.."it could be intepreted some other way"...blah-blah...and then finally she admitted it was stupid and that her remarks "fell flat."

On the whole, Sotomayor seems to speak a kind of New York City collective bureaucratese which is a combination of "groupthink" and "we-think." The mode of communication (rather un-communication or ex-communication) is ubiquitous in New York City, from the hallowed halls of the parking ticket commission to the state Supreme Court.

Call her Obama's Evil Gender-Ethnic Twin.

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