Friday, July 10, 2009

Warp Speed GM Bankruptcy Heralds Future Worker's Utopia

Wow, I’m impressed. GM emerges from bankruptcy just 40 days after entering the proceedings. You know legal corners were cut and stop signs ignored. You know that Obama fan-boy (or girl) judges were eager to please and delighted to find the ready-made rationale to circumvent private property rights and contract laws, those nuisance things which obstruct the Great Obama Utopia we have been promised.

And wow, too, that only 20,000 more people have lost their GM jobs, according to reports. The work force is currently at 40,000, according to the same TV report, only slightly down from the 400,000 person workforce in GMs salad days.

Well, those cynics who refer to the GM logo as “Government Motors” have got it wrong, right-wing conspirators that they are! The new company should properly be called UN Motors with the U.S. and Canada sharing sovereignty with the UAW.

But hey, we’re phat, with the U.S. owning 60 percent and Canada owning about 17.5 percent and the union owning the rest. Now let the good times roll, right along with the assembly line turning out GMC and Chevy Big Trucks and 60s muscle cars like the Camaro. That new Camaro doesn’t set mileage records but it kicks ass in the quarter mile. That’s the silver lining, I guess, in the perfect storm of Obamanomics Cloudy Weather.

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