Thursday, July 9, 2009

Panetta: Lying Now or Then or Never?

So the wing-ding Democrats yesterday sent a letter to Leon Panetta, CIA Director, requesting that Panetta "correct your statements" regarding whether the CIA lied to Congress, as Nanny Pelosi claims. Remember that Panetta recently and very loudly proclaimed that the CIA didn't lie to Congress (mostly referring to Gitmo interrogations) and had brief Pelosi and others on the enhanced interrogation methods.

The wing-ding letter says that Panetta later testified that the CIA lied to Congress several times and continuously from 2001 to last week. The letter doesn't have any further information to offer so it is nothing more than a political move.

So the issue becomes: When was Panetta lying? Then or now or never?

Epilogue: You'd think matters of national security could be better served if Alcee Hastings and the other Gang of Seven woke up some security guards in federal buildings. Apparently, the guards were sleeping as investigators walked into Federal buildings with parts they assembled into real live bombs later in the day.

I seriously doubt we'll survive the remaining years of Obama's term without a homeland terrorist attack with this crew of incompetents in office. Where's Janet Napolitano in all this? Bombs in federal buildings and all she's worried about is former military people joining militias.... we're in trouble.

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