Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Obama Cried and Iran Died

It’s laughable that President Obama has so little to say about Iran’s bloody repression and yet seems to rattle the sabers about the coup in Honduras, a little country where the President was ushered out of the Presidential Palace in his pajamas. A coup is a coup, it is true and bears some condemnation, but isn’t the President worried that his words will be seen as “meddling” in Honduran affairs. He’s worried so much about meddling in the case of Iran that one wonders if he has lost the faculty of speech and now, like any rock star, is content to warble his way through life in the White House.

Iran’s rat-like illegal Ayatollah installed president Mahmoud thumbs his nose at Obama, and continues to berate him as you would a balky mule. The President is stricken mute; Mahoud interprets the president’s silence as a secret plot against Iran. One could only wish. The men and women who surround Obama are no better, and perhaps worse. Bill Burton continues to emit his canned rephrasing of the Obama policy. It’s all so lame and made up. Clearly, Mahmoud the Rat, with his white socks and three-day-stubble look of a common workman, is enjoying Obama’s confusion and stymied look. He’s getting what he wants:

Nuclear weapons production going full blast.

An American president who rewards his enemies and punishes his friends.

A left wing anti-Israel administration which sees the Palestinian-Israeli problem in terms which were popular in leftist circles of the 60s and 70s.

An administration approbation to continue supporting Hezbollah and Hamas in their violent attacks and subornation of civilized democracies..

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