Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ford Beats Toyota Sales Four Months in a Row

Ford continued to outsell Toyota for the 4th straight month in a row but is still down 11 percent from its year-ago figure.

We have one Ford and our next car will be a Ford too, although I will buy a Toyota or a Honda before buying a Government Motors car.

Obama planted the kiss of death on GM and Chrysler so far as I’m concerned. No one asked me and no one asked the Congress eitherThe government car companies continue to cost taxpayers billions as they work their way through Obama-sponsored bankruptcy courts. But even with taxpayer dollars being doled out to Obama’s lawyer friends, Government Motors continues to falter with GM sales falling 33 percent and Chrysler declining by 42 percent over June of 2008. .

It’s too bad, though. The former Free Chrysler and the Free GM built some good cars and trucks but when Obama made the big payback to the UAW—that was the last straw.

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