Monday, July 13, 2009

Eric Holder to CIA: Up Against the Wall, *xx*#$#ucker!

The worm is turning in Eric Holder’s Attorney General Office. Now, instead of fighting gangs, racial hatred, drugs, violent murder and rape in America’s ghettoes, Eric Holder is said to be trying to placate the Wienie Wanking Left Wing Obama bum boys by investigating the CIA’s methods in dealing with terrorist head-cutters. I guess it was inevitable with these people in the White House. Holder and Obama are typical of the new breed of African-American (ahem) “leaders” who abandon the folks who got them elected. These Gucci elites cannot be said to have abandoned their “roots” because their roots are in the Ivy League, not in the ghettoes which are bleeding profusely from violent crime, mostly associated with drug dealing.

I guess the 4 million jobs Obama promised haven’t materialized and ghetto unemployment rises higher than the near the 10 percent point achieved by the Obama Eeekonomy.. I’ve lived in the ghetto and I know that there are thousands of hard working and responsible American citizens who get their asses on the bus every day to take jobs across town. Most have families and aspirations, as well they should, but the left wing political elite offers plenty of hat but no cattle.

People like Obama and Holder know that, unless they play a version of 3 card Monte to keep these people focused on hating Republicans, they will not survive politically. This stupid business the Democrats have of expecting African Americans to continue voting for air, smoke, and promises will eventually be see for what it is—pimping.

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