Monday, June 8, 2009

Traitors in Hillary Clinton State Department? What?

Also in George Bush's state department, and Bill Clinton's and other presidents going back twenty years. But Hillary is in charge now and she needs to cull over the State Department. People who follow this sort of thing shouldn't be surprised that state department officials routinely "go native" or go belly-up for dictators. It's rather the culture of some elements in the State Department, an element which sees itself in the role of creating a foreign policy which is superior and more knowledgeable to stated goals of whomever is the President.

It must be said that there are thousands of loyal, devoted, career state department officials who have done much to advance causes of democracy and freedom around the world, but the two academic elites who were spying for Cuba represent a certain element which has also characterized State.

The arrogance of the left-liberal academic elite is no more apparent than in the statements of these pampered state department double agents.

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