Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Obama Twitters Democracy to Iran as White House Whispers

The president is in the White House huddled with Rahm Emmanuel and Bob Gibbs and they are whispering. Why they are whispering seems to be a state secret but, presumably, it is so that Iran’s security forces will not hear them speak aloud.

The President whispers that, yes, words do matter and then goes on to declaim that the U.S. is not meddling in Iranian election affairs. The point is affirmed by Rahm Emmanuel and released to the press by Robert Gibbs who punctuates his speeches with plenty of “unnnnhhh....”.

The mainstream press fanboys do not ask why the President shows himself in such a defensive posture. Some bow, others smile as the President speaks. The president doesn’t only speak; he understands… He understands that the CIA intervened with Mossadegh in 1953 and helped to install the Shah of Iran. What the president wants to say is that U.S. foreign policy with regard to Iran’s iron-fisted mullahs and Ayatollahs must begin at that starting point.

The president understands why the Iranians (including the sadist Amadinajad) seized and held American hostages, tied them to fence posts, and whipped them under the hot sun during the Jimmy Carter presidency. The president chides those who watch Fox News and criticize him for beginning “Jimmy Carter’s third term.” The President understands but is very sensitive to criticism. He refuses to speak with Fox News and he expects his team to follow suit. Following suit means that, like President Obama, administration officials will grant interviews to Al Jazeera so that President Barack can get his message out to “the world.”

The President understands that Iran, awash in petrol, needs to produce nuclear fuel to power its light bulbs and factories. As a sign of the president’s understanding, he has offered the “great bargain.” The “great bargain” is that, in return for the go-ahead to produce nuclear weapons, Iran will tone down its anti-US saber-rattling and speak well of President Obama.

Meanwhile, Iran’s freedom fighters are being beaten bloody in the streets while the American president huddles in the White House with his advisors and his admirers and he whispers, fearful of being overheard by Iran’s security apparatus. This then is the new, bold strategy of the Obama administration.

We will Twitter the mullahs and the dictator into embracing Democracy.

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