Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mysterious Air France Disaster Needs Scientific Investigation

The Air France passenger jet that vanished off the coast of South America poses some questions that need to be resolved. Air liners aren’t supposed to dive into the water because of storms or hits of lightning.

Apparently, the automatic radio transmitter was able to send a message that the electrical system had malfunctioned but there were no other warnings of problems, and no calls from the crew.

The word was put out immediately that “authorities” did not suspect terrorism, but I don’t know how that could be figured out so quickly. I don’t necessarily believe there was an explosion but I do tend to resist explanations that are too hasty and have no purpose other than to calm anxious minds and hearts.

The plane wasn’t equipped with mechanical controls and was flying by “wire” and isn’t it possible to sabotage even the most redundant systems? I’m just saying…

We’re not idiots. We need to keep an open mind on this. It’s worth the money to retrieve the “black box.” We need to know… At least the Wall Street Journal has enough integrity to mention that “officials can’t rule out a bomb.” That’s a good way of putting it, too. Rule it out through solid scientific investigation, but not with a public relations campaign.

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