Saturday, June 20, 2009

Iran Rebels Against 30 Years of Repression

Perhaps soon Obama's doctors will administer a potion which will unlock his jaw and loosen his tongue. The counter-argument to a condemnation of the Iranian Nazis is that the U.S. administration should be silent because Ahmadinajad, Khatami, and the other ultra-conservative "Guardian Council thought police will scapegoat the U.S.

Hello! The Iranian demonstrators are not all that stupid. And the Iranian Thought Police will always say what they will anyway. The "Great Satan" will always be an over-used phrase by a fanatical oligarchy intent on remaining in power even at the expense of its tormented people.

A big worry for the Guardian Council is that so many Iranian women voted in the recent election and are demanding an end to female oppression. Other Iranians will not easily remain under the yoke of a medieval mentality. It's no wonder that the Iranian secret police have throttled the media, blocked internet access,and kicked out all the reporters (including the liberal ones).

But President Obama should quit his whispering in the White House. He should shout it out loud, from the rooftops. We're for Democracy. Why cower? Why keep it a secret?

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