Friday, June 26, 2009

D.C. Metro Train Accident Redefines Hero Worship.

Be a hero--apply the brakes. That's the message you get from the manager of the D.C. Metro train that killed so many people. Only in a city as bizarre and surreal as Washington, D.C. can you get installed as a hero, albeit a dead one, after a train wreck. The female driver of the train didn't have much experience so I suppose the argument goes that she applied the brakes instinctively, as opposed to being specifically trained (no pun) to do so. It is that intuitive brakage that makes her a hero, I suppose.

The truly bizarre thing is that the head operator and controller of the "automatic system" was reassigned to another job while Jeanice McMillan, driver of the train, was, quite by a stroke of lightening, declared a genius and a hero even before an investigation was conducted and the bodies cooled.

I regret Jeanice's loss of life, as I do the others who were killed, but this inane declaration of hero status has to stop. Why isn't Washington D.C. rolling in the aisles with laughter? It must be because the population is so whipped and the nerves so dead that Washington D.C. can only emulate tinseltown in its vacuous charades and futile exercises.

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