Sunday, June 21, 2009

Congress Acts to Upstage President Obama

I didn't know it until today but we do have a Congress. This particular body passes laws and sometimes makes useful resolutions. Infinitely more miraculous is that sometimes Democrats and Republicans join together to pass resolutions such as the one passed Friday in support of the freedom seekers who are being beaten and shot in the streets of Iran.

This resolution finally forced the lips of the President to move and yesterday, President Obama released his strongest statement yet. Of course, Mr. Obama's statement was not delivered with the same enthusiasm as he approaches dinner with the Radio and Television people but it was finally a nod in support of an oppressed people.

I thought that former community organizers supposed to be more sympathetic to the plight of oppressed people and quicker to defend them. The President's team excuses his muted and belated response the Iranian eruption by characterizing President's policy as a revolutionary new wisdom when, in fact, it is dereliction of duty.

We're supposed to worry here what Ahmadinajad and the Ayatollahs think about free expression? Obama doesn't want to be "blamed." He shouldn't worry; all he's got to do is put the blame on George Washington and the other brave freedom-loving people who first opposed government tyranny and fought for individual freedom, a constution, and a bill of rights.

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