Friday, March 20, 2009

Pennsylvania Gambling Board Enjoys Gambling Junket

Governor Rendell was on Fox News this a.m. defending Turbotax Tim Geithner and pushing back on louder calls for his resignation. Rendell doesn't mind a little cheating and knows that Pennysylvania taxpayers are used to crooks. The already controversial PA gambling commission members decided to take a little junket to Italy to the tune of $27,000.

It's nice to know that someone's having fun while Americans are struggling to find jobs and pay their debts. The rascally gambling commission members are not even apologetic about their junket spending. The hypocrisy is frightening in that they pointed out that the gambling commission budget doesn't come out of "taxpayer revenues."

Hello! Aren't gambling revenues, intended to help the elderly, the poor, and the schools, part of the public trust? Is the PA gambling commission a private business where taxpayers are supposed to keep silent while state government Junketeers enjoy great meals and hotel lodging in sunny Italy?

Even more disgusting is that one of the defenders said they went on the junket spending trip at taxpayer expense because it was "non-refundable." They told the news media that they had told Ed Rendell about the trip and that he approved it.

Hell, Ed.... It's Italy!.... We gotta' go there!

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