Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pennsylvania Democrats Wear Too Many "Caps"

It's the ultimate in hypocrisy and constituency flim-flam. I got an email from the Pennsylvania Democrats touting their efforts to "rein in" energy prices in 2010. Currently, electricity rates are regulated in Pennsylvania but the regulations are set to expire very soon. PA residents expect high rates of increase in their electric bills. So what do the Democrats have to brag about? Well, they've introduced a bill to prevent the Power companies from raising rates more than 15 percent in any given year. Read that again!

Pretending to be helping you, the bastards are allowing 15 percent annual rate increases on all users. That could mean fifteen, thirty, forty-five, sixty, seventy five, ninety, and then rates could go to a hundred and five. Fact is the Democrats are screwing us over on both the local and national level.

Not only are electricity rates set to rise, but the Obama administration is pushing "cap and trade" taxes on all industries which will push energy prices even higher. Guess who pays? Guess who should pay?

The bastards who pretend to be helping us while they're trying to brainwash into a mindless acceptance of astronomical energy rates should pay heavily---at the polls.

Vote the bastards out!

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