Thursday, March 5, 2009

Obma Economic Wizards Continue to Hammer Markets

Inauguration Day marked the largest decline in the stock market in several months and the decline has continued. Yesterday, there was what Wall Streeters call a "sucker rally" but today the Dow lost that 200 points and went down 100 more.

Business analysts are no longer shy about expressing their opinions. It's hard to find anyone who believes that the pin-brain trust has any clue about what they're doing besides spending money and lots of it.

The common people are still a bit confused and a dwindling number of them are still in denial but they're catching on to the fact they are being conned and hoodwinked. Eventually, they'll be calling for heads to roll. So far the foxy guardians of the henhouse, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and Patrick Leahy, have managed to deflect criticism. They're desperate to talk about anything beside what the administration is doing about the economy--spending money and tons of it--all of it in a scattershot approach.

The brain-dead Obama administration refuses to acknowledge anything is wrong. They're quite happy to engage in some public puppet-show with Rush Limbaugh in the hope that'll get them temporarily off the hook.

Fact is, things have gotten steadily worse. There's no confidence in the Obamaa team, and it is not enough to cite phony polls hyping Obama's high approval ratings. Why then does our local survey of 2000 people chosen at random show 44 percent who think the Stimulus Plan will not help, another 40 percent who believe it will be harmful, and the rest supporting Obama. That's sure not a 60 percent approval rating so where does that crap come from? The DNC and their toadies at MSNBC, no doubt.

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