Thursday, March 26, 2009

Obama Stops Stock Market Slide at Mere 50 Percent

The President explained his delayed response regarding AIG bonuses to a reporter at a recent press conference by saying he didn't like “talking about things until I know what I'm talking about." That's admirable but that reservation hasn't prevented the President or other administration officials from talking about other things they know about about before, the economy being foremost among them.

Certainly, the Obama administration has shown a willingness to try anything except common sense in taking on unprecedented debt to leverage America's economy. Thank God for Obamanomics (duck, atheists!). It was bad, bad, bad, getting worse. It couldn't be said enough. Bad, bad, bad, you dig?
And suddenly, without anything being different, it's getting better, better, better and we're hopeful, hopeful, hopeful..and we can't fix it in one day, one day, one day....

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