Sunday, March 29, 2009

NRA-ILA :: War on Drugs, or on Gun Owners’ Rights?

NRA-ILA :: War on Drugs, or on Gun Owners’ Rights?You've already heard that Obama's Attorney General and his Secretary of State have begun their assault on Second Amendment rights. Hillary and Holder, the Heralds of Hell, have both made sweeping public statements aimed at the looney-left underpinnings of the Obama administration.

Don't you know that Mexico's drug, cartel, illegal immigration and poverty problems all have a single cause: American guns moving South of the border. As much as they tout this as a major problem, the only film clips I saw on CNN and other TV news programs was a small colllection of shotguns, a few pistols and revolvers,and a rifle or two. There is no real data to support any of this claptrap and there will not be. The reason is that there is none. Sure, some guns do flow across the border but they are statistically insignicant when measured against the tons of illegal drugs, illegal aliens, and cartel criminals flowing North.

So the NRA is right in pointing this out and it's a message that has gotten through to centrist Democrats like CNN Lou Dobbs, who is one of my Heroes Du Jour. Dobbs is smart, passionate, and blunt in addressing the issue of Second Amendment rights. He is aware that the gun-pablum crowd hasn't been sober or drug-free long enough to realize that America's constitution has nothing to do with Mexico's.

The U.S. should do whatever it can to help President Calderon but Mexico has to help control the multitude of border problems. Control of the borders is an essential beginning of a sane immigration policy for the U.S.

What we've heard from the administration so far has been lame, misplaced, inaccurate, and inadequate drug and immigration policy.

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