Sunday, March 15, 2009

Eric Holder's Faux Border Policy

Dear Eric Holder:

Lose the mustache! I know you're an admirer of Adolph Hitler but there is a worry you'll embarrass the president. You're not working for Bill Clinton any more, after all. Now, let's get down to the heart of the matter.

America is awash with illegal drugs and neither you nor your boss in the White House has a clue about what to do. Sure, the media is reporting that the president "might send troops to the border. Whoopie-doo, dude! WTF does that mean? You'll have to have a better plan than to entertain us with a dog and pony show; after all, that kind of act originated in Mexico. You need to do something real, not b.s. the people into the idea that the problem has to do with the flow of American guns to the drug cartels operating in Mexico and other parts of Latin America. How about telling us what your policy is?

According to a recent report, the amount of illegal drug U.S. dollars flowing across the border is larger than the legal amount of 26 billion sent home by U.S. Mexican-Americans to their families. Annual drug capital flows to Mexico and Latin America are said to amount to 39 billion dollars but I'd venture to say that the real number is considerably higher. So if that's not your idea of a "Stimulus Plan" for the Mexicans, you need to do something besides pose as an Attorney General and utter sweet nothings about gun control into the ears of your rich elitist limousine liberal Democratic supporters.

Our kids are killing each other, killing innocents, and killing themselves with drugs. You need to do something to stop it. There are drug gangs operating not only in major cities but also in the ubiquitous American suburbs and even in the country districts where drug activity tends to go unnoticed. Crime has wheels and wings; it's mobile like never before or haven't you heard?

I realize you're clueless so I'm free with my advice. The first thing to do is take your head out of your butt and admit that America is being ruined by illegal drugs. The second step would be to say something about it. The third thing would be to actually do something about it. I realize you would rather talk about gun control and "assault weapons" because the thought of having to act against America's drug scourge is terrifying to someone who has so long displaced his priorities.

You want to help out the Mexicans? You want to help us out? Get Americans to stop using drugs. Tell them where their money is going and what it's buying and what it's doing to the quality of life in America. There's this whole liberal horseshit thing where you talk about "prevention" and "treatment" but the facts are that every minute someone's bleeding from a drug deal gone bad or from robberies gone bad or because someone is so whacked out of their head with dope that they can't do anything else but get somebody wet.

Aren't you guys supposed to be the "community" types, the boys from the hood and all that. Well, the 'hood is dying and those who can get out are gettin out but it's often no use because America's all-night Illegal Drug Store is operating 24/7 and you're doing nothing about it but pretending. Yours is a sin of omission. You're letting our kids grow up in this violence, this violence which ruins our communities and our schools. You guys ain't no "community" boys--You're pocketbook boys--spoon-fed in elite schools and the last thing you want to do is connect with where the problem is really at.

Isn't there something better you can do than to pretend?

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