Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Double Dunce Dick Durban and the Mexican Border Problem

So I’m not a dumb person, well maybe a little, but for the life of me I can’t figure out how the Congress gets away with it. Here you have Double Dunce Dick Durbin talking about how the problems in Mexico are caused by “thousands of guns sent over the border” and causing the violent deaths of “innocent people.” Yeah, that’s what he said, “innocent people,” So why doesn’t somebody clue Durbin in that more than 90 percent of people killed by the drug cartels were involved in the drug trade.

But I guess Double Dunce Durbin doesn’t want to know that. He’d have to suddenly wake up and realize “Omigod, I’m stupid.” Besides, pretending that violence south of the border is caused by guns shipped from America has a great deal of appeal to his lunatic gun-control constituency. Has it ever occurred to him that there are more guns in the American border towns and yet places like El Paso, where people can legally carry guns, have low crime rates and few murders?

Durbin’s what Marx and Lenin referred to when they coined the term “useful idiot.” Obama needs people like Durbin around him to conduct policy with a blunt end. The only trouble with Durbin is that he has two blunt ends and only one of them has ears.

But I’m glad President Obama is sending more drug agents to the border, though the small number he’s sending only goes to show you that few can be spared from America’s own all-night illegal drug store. I have a really, really, really novel idea and I’d like to present it to the president since he today requested ideas instead of criticisms.

Do something about illegal drug consumption in the U.S. Wouldn’t that help a little in quelling drug violence in Juarez and Tijuana and other places in the Mexican border states? Without America sending 50 billion dollars worth of illegal drug money out of the country, there would be little reason for the multi-millionaire drug moguls to send their armies out to kill each other and the Mexican police, too.

This whole dopey notion Duncecap Durbin has stops way short of the top floor of his brain building. Guns are manufactured everywhere around the world. Does Durbin think that a worldwide drug smuggling operation is so short of wits that it couldn’t figure out how to bring guns in from Belgium, Argentina, or perhaps Bulgaria?

Yet statements of the unfounded type that Durbin and other anti-gun nanny-state simpletons routinely make are not made to improve the human condition but rather for the purpose of increasing the misery. The reason for increasing the misery, of course, is so that you can be saved, and people like Double Dunce Durban can appear to be the saviors.

But I’m not a dumb person, well…maybe a little….but that doesn’t stop me from wondering why the Administration, amidst all of its high-flown sentiments and astral ideals, has chosen the reduction-ad-absurdum approach to a problem that is destroying America. And Mexico too!

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