Monday, March 2, 2009

Bubble Boy Obama and the Tall Tales of Economic Salvation

I wonder if Rahm Emmanual is afraid to tell “Bubble Boy” that there’s no confidence in his economic plans. Left, middle, liberal, conservative—all are whispering that Obama’s economic march is a backward one. Why do they have to whisper? Even those who believe in the administration policies, and so many of the folks who voted of Obama, feel that Obama’s foot on the neck of the economy comes at too high a price, and at the wrong time, and has sent the American economy reeling.

Today’s marked another 300 point drop in the stock market, to follow on the heels of a previous 1500 drop. The stock market’s not everything, of course, but pretending that it doesn’t exist is typical of “Bubble Boy” Obama. Doesn’t he realize that the moms and pops and blue-collar Joes have their already shrunken head pension monies in mutual funds? Bubble Boy keeps talking the markets down though, and the pension funds follow him down.

Who in the hell needs higher energy costs? And taxes which will be paid out in higher food costs, electric costs, everything costs, paid out by the little people Bubble Boy has mesmerized with high-flown phrases.

Is there anything more to cap and trade than environmental fascism? It hasn’t yet been shown there’s science behind it. Isn’t science supposed to be empirical? Where’s the data?

When people voted for Obama, they often said to each other:

“How could thing be any worse than under Bush?”

Now, they know. Presumably. Unless they prefer to live in the bubble with Bubble Boy.

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