Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Four Murdered Oakland California Police Officers

The horror of Baby Raper Lovell Mixon's murder spree was compounded when certain members of the Oakland community applauded the police killings. The comments expressed regarding the YouTube video are various, but some expressed happiness about the police killings, similar to the way some Arabs cheered the World Trade Center was struck. The woman in the video clip expresses the human view, naturally, and the other animals who applauded the murders cannot be much different from the murderer himself.

The police have yet to release details about how the murders occurred but one radio commentator met with police at a San Francisco meeting and put out the word that the two police conducting the traffic stop had been told to approach vehicles with hands well away from their weapons so as not to frighten people. The PC politicians who levied this policy are perhaps to blame for what happened. The radio commentator, Michael Savage, said the police approached the bullets with open arms and amiable smiles. Killer Mixon shot one officer straight away and then chased the other down the street in a homicidal mania to kill him with more pistol shots.

Reports from other sources such as the Oakland Tribune reported that residents of the apartment complex where Baby Raper Mixon retreated to helped to hide him from police for two hours or more. If this version is accurate, and if Mixon's protectors did shelter him, then they are also to blame for the officer deaths.

Can't Wait To Buy A Nano

It costs about 2K and gets great MPH. I can't wait to see the president's motorcade of armored Tata Nanos. Following behind in similar models would be Barney Frank, Al Gore, and Chris Dodd.

Do we have a cap and trade deal with India? If not, then ought we not to place high tariffs on the Nano? I mean, what if noone buys Ford 150s any more and buys a version of the Tata Nano pickup truck?

Hey, don't knock it. Just think of the figure you'll cut at the local lumber yard with your Tata Nano pickup. Who needs radio or air-conditioning? Your real macho guys like John Kerry drive these babies to Georgetown lumber yards, I bet. Does Georgetown have a lumber yard? A quarry? Hey, there's no reason quarries and lumber yards should be taxed, right? I mean, aren't they using renewable resources?

Hey!...Hey, maybe I could join a Tata Nano pickup truck club. You, too? Hey, hit on the headline link and you'll get to a Wall Street Journal test drive.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ashley Biden Caught on Tape Using Cocaine? - Associated Content

Ashley Biden Caught on Tape Using Cocaine? - Associated Content: "I hadn't seen this story until it appeared on Associated Content. Maybe now Obama and Biden will see the need for a real domestic drug policy rather than attacking 2nd Amendment rights. Don't these people have a clue about where the money spent on cocaine and other drugs goes? Legalization talk is another pipe dream (pun intended)-- Do people really believe that legalization of all drugs will create this really terrific Government tax income flow and stop all violence, gang warfare, and smuggling? Cracks me up! (no pun intended)"

NRA-ILA :: War on Drugs, or on Gun Owners’ Rights?

NRA-ILA :: War on Drugs, or on Gun Owners’ Rights?You've already heard that Obama's Attorney General and his Secretary of State have begun their assault on Second Amendment rights. Hillary and Holder, the Heralds of Hell, have both made sweeping public statements aimed at the looney-left underpinnings of the Obama administration.

Don't you know that Mexico's drug, cartel, illegal immigration and poverty problems all have a single cause: American guns moving South of the border. As much as they tout this as a major problem, the only film clips I saw on CNN and other TV news programs was a small colllection of shotguns, a few pistols and revolvers,and a rifle or two. There is no real data to support any of this claptrap and there will not be. The reason is that there is none. Sure, some guns do flow across the border but they are statistically insignicant when measured against the tons of illegal drugs, illegal aliens, and cartel criminals flowing North.

So the NRA is right in pointing this out and it's a message that has gotten through to centrist Democrats like CNN Lou Dobbs, who is one of my Heroes Du Jour. Dobbs is smart, passionate, and blunt in addressing the issue of Second Amendment rights. He is aware that the gun-pablum crowd hasn't been sober or drug-free long enough to realize that America's constitution has nothing to do with Mexico's.

The U.S. should do whatever it can to help President Calderon but Mexico has to help control the multitude of border problems. Control of the borders is an essential beginning of a sane immigration policy for the U.S.

What we've heard from the administration so far has been lame, misplaced, inaccurate, and inadequate drug and immigration policy.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Massachusetts's Health-Care Program Offers a Preview of Barack Obama's Universal Health-Care Plan - WSJ.com

Massachusetts's Health-Care Program Offers a Preview of Barack Obama's Universal Health-Care Plan - WSJ.comDoes health care rationing and medical price controls enforced by the government follow Obama's Universal Health Care "Plan?" We use the term "plan" loosely. Here's a Wall Street Journal article about what happened in Massachusetts.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Obama Stops Stock Market Slide at Mere 50 Percent

The President explained his delayed response regarding AIG bonuses to a reporter at a recent press conference by saying he didn't like “talking about things until I know what I'm talking about." That's admirable but that reservation hasn't prevented the President or other administration officials from talking about other things they know about about before, the economy being foremost among them.

Certainly, the Obama administration has shown a willingness to try anything except common sense in taking on unprecedented debt to leverage America's economy. Thank God for Obamanomics (duck, atheists!). It was bad, bad, bad, getting worse. It couldn't be said enough. Bad, bad, bad, you dig?
And suddenly, without anything being different, it's getting better, better, better and we're hopeful, hopeful, hopeful..and we can't fix it in one day, one day, one day....

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Senator Dodd Needs to Resign

As a former federal employee, I've always been mindful, not only of avoiding corruption, but of avoiding the appearance of corruption. It's not always easy to do that. Although I was entrusted with the care of a significant amount of taxpayer money, I was once swept up in a financial scandal which threatened to topple the pile of files on my desk. It's true I investigated the scandal myself and reported my heinous misdeed to my boss in a public meeting, disgracing myself forever. I'm not proud of my crime--making an emergency $3.84 long distance phone call to a relative when my mother was ill. I couldn't get away to a private phone and made the cold, calculated decision to make the call on the public dime. Needless to say, I repaid my debt in full and a letter of reprimand appeared in my personnel file.

So I have a bit of criminality in common with Senator Chris Dodd, whose wife received an annual stipend from AIG, and who got cheap loans from bankrupt Countrywide Bank, and who failed to report on his federal taxes the gift he received of a mansion in Ireland. We're birds of a criminal feather, we are, Senator Dodd and I.

Neither of us belongs in government. I resigned in late 1999, taking an early out and a reduced pension. Now if only Senator Dodd would do the same.

Obama Raises American Prestige in Europe

We were told it would happen. American prestige in Europe would rise like a tide with the New President. So why is the president of the European Union calling President Obama's economic plans a road to hell? Perhaps it's because the Czech leader Mirek Topolanek already had a bad experience with a heavy-handed centralized economy.

Topolanek felt that Obama's spending avalanche was reckless and would undermine the global economy.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hayward: Kalifornia or California? Four Oakland Cops Killed by Oakland Gangsta'

Some discerning Californians like to spell the name of their states as follows: Kalifornia. The notion that their stated may be heavily tilted toward fascism has some basis in fact. Kalifornia has some of the toughest gun laws in the nation, obeyed only by law-abiding citizens. Thugs and outlaws, meanwhile, routinely use guns in violent crimes, most of them involving drugs, another area where Kalifornia government officials like to bury their heads in the sand.

The latest incident occurred yesterday when Gangsta' Lovell Mixon kill four cops. He killed two cops with a handgun in Oakland, Kalifornia, when they'd made a traffic stop. Later, he killed 2 SWAT team members of a team which fired back and killed Mixon.

Mixon had a long criminal history, including violent assault and drug convictions, and was very comfortable with Kalifornia's anti-citizen pro-thug gun laws. He was armed with a handgun and a semi-automatic rifle.

Lest you be alarmed or shocked by this tragic event, you should know that some Kalifornia communities are fighting back against violent crime and drugs. The Hayward, Kalifornia police department has begun enforcing a city ordinance prohibiting smoking cigarettes in gangs--meaning groups of two or more--in places outside of other places where smoking is banned.

Offenders are issued citations and fined $50 for smoking outdoors within 20 feet of places where other citizens may be shopping. The reason the Hayward City authorities are going after hardened gangs of outside cigarette smokers is because smoking in groups can be an intimidating factor to non-smokers and may prevent them from shopping at Hayward's businesses.

You think I'm kidding? I'm not. Maybe sometime in the near future, authorities everywhere from local city councils all the way up to the President will pull their heads out of their butts and realize that illegal drugs are causing most of the violence and pain in this country.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Strassel: 'Greed' Is Not Good - WSJ.com

Strassel: 'Greed' Is Not Good - WSJ.comHere's a very hard-hitting and insightful editorial from a tough-minded real reporter for the Wall Street Journal. Kim Strassel is the writer.

Damaged Sector in President Obama's Head: Special Olympics Bowling Scores?

President Obama was on the Jay Lenno Show last night, relaxed, comfortable and aloof. So aloof, in fact, that his lame attempt at self-deprecation had the opposite effect. I think he was trying to project humility when he made the remark that his bowling score was at the "Special Olympics" level. How did the President acquire the notion that low bowling scores were the province of inferior individuals?

Former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin set the record straight about the unique individuals who make tremendous efforts to compete in real-world events that many of us could not achieve. I have to agree with her description of the unique qualities of Special Olympics athletes, among other. I know developmentally challenged weightlifters who reach far beyond the capabilities of most of us, including the president.

As an amateur boxing coach, I have as one of my boxers a young man who received special education at a local public schools. His name is Nick. Extremely awkward, at first,he now spars with the rest of the boys like an old pro. He's fast and he hits hard. Only a little remains of the initial awkwardness but it's not so you'd notice if you were in the ring with him.

So Obama's remarks are something of a low blow, unbecoming to the office of a president. But how do such notions arise? Is it the smug fascism of a pampered elite?

Pennsylvania Gambling Board Enjoys Gambling Junket

Governor Rendell was on Fox News this a.m. defending Turbotax Tim Geithner and pushing back on louder calls for his resignation. Rendell doesn't mind a little cheating and knows that Pennysylvania taxpayers are used to crooks. The already controversial PA gambling commission members decided to take a little junket to Italy to the tune of $27,000.

It's nice to know that someone's having fun while Americans are struggling to find jobs and pay their debts. The rascally gambling commission members are not even apologetic about their junket spending. The hypocrisy is frightening in that they pointed out that the gambling commission budget doesn't come out of "taxpayer revenues."

Hello! Aren't gambling revenues, intended to help the elderly, the poor, and the schools, part of the public trust? Is the PA gambling commission a private business where taxpayers are supposed to keep silent while state government Junketeers enjoy great meals and hotel lodging in sunny Italy?

Even more disgusting is that one of the defenders said they went on the junket spending trip at taxpayer expense because it was "non-refundable." They told the news media that they had told Ed Rendell about the trip and that he approved it.

Hell, Ed.... It's Italy!.... We gotta' go there!

Obama Mocks Critics of Jay Lenno Appearance

Nero fiddled while Rome burned and President Obama flew to Los Angeles while his Fiddlers burned the American economy. Obama knew that this Lenno appearance would attract attention. After all, that was the sole purpose. Obama hoped to keep afloat a popularity that begins to show a tattering around the edges. How best and where to do that was obvious: Hollywood!

The message was clear. The economy? Don't think about it! Let your government do the thinking you. We'll manage the nation's budget. We'll "save" 3 million jobs (which means hiring 3 million as baby boomers retire-a net of zero).

So having given a Lenno appearance, Obama had some readily prepared quips to make to deflect the inevitable criticims. Among them:

"Some folks think I can't appear on the Lenno Show and be president at the same time."en

Heh-heh. But he can! Wow! Look how relaxed, look how elegant! Princely even!

Remember, he's President Obama, a better actor than Ronald Reagan, except that Reagan didn't need a teleprompter. Obama's pretty good off the cuff, but only when he's in the sort of round-table academic atmosphere lubricated with cocktails and mutual admiration society. This precludes answering off-the-cuff questions about something as complex as the economy.

It's okay Obama has a passion for thge limelight but the timing of the trip couldn't have been worse. Geithner is under increasing pressure to resign. Dodd is stumbling about the stage like a booze-sotted sailor, saying one thing one minute and the opposite the next. Barney Frank is hurling accusations in every direction (except at himself) from the prow of a sinking ship.

People are rightly angry at the mismanagement and seat-of-the-pants direction of the economy. AFter all, these people are not steady like that guy who landed the plane in the Hudson and saved hundreds of lives.

These are people who have little idea of what they are doing; they are panicked and pumping money into the economy to give it an artificial boost without dealing with its obvious underlying problems.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Outrage: Grassley Says Kill Yourselves; Schumer Says We'll Mug You at Tax Time

Senator Charles Grassley appeared on CNBC’s Sqawkbox, an early morning business show, and was questioned about his remarks. You haven’t heard of his remarks on the bailouts and, specifically addressed to the people who pumped subprime mortgages where there was a high risk of default and on the hedge funds and banks that played upon the down cycle?

The media reports Grassley’s remarks with a great deal of indignation and quite literally. As if Sen. Grassley said the following:

“Listen up, investment bankers... Go kill yourselves!”

Grassley was referring to the fact that some “investment bankers” had no sense of shame in ferreting out the subprime toxic debt that financial institutions were carrying and then making bets (through SWAPs and CDOs) that profited from the market downturn. Grassley referenced Japanese businessmen who have a culture where business disgrace is equal to personal disgrace and have been known to commit hari-kari.

It makes sense to me—kill yourselves, assholes—but no one really expects them to do that. The idea is more that those responsible for causing the mess and profiting from it should have a sense of remorse and not reward themselves for their weaknesses. That’s what Grassley meant. Yet one CNBC guest, Cliff Asness, asked Grassley an interesting question

Did Grassley think his advice should apply just as much to people like Barney Frank who engages in daily public theatrics,” kabuki”, and shows of public indignation on television? The commentator correctly pointed out that such high profile Democrats as Frank and Dodd pushed sub-prime mortgages through congressional legislation and public exhortation. Dodd’s unethical affiliation with bankrupted sub-prime former mortgage giant Countrywide Bank and CEO Angelo Mozilo has been widely reported in the Wall Street Journal and other newspapers.

On the other hand, there is considerably less media indignation regarding Senator Chuck Schumer’s remarks about the AIG execs who get bonuses for their failed performances. Schumer got ever more beyond himself in a public display of righteousness unmatched in the Bible, the Koran, the Torah or any other book.

Schumer said that, if the bonus getters wouldn’t return the bonuses, he and his cohorts in Congress would tax the payments at 100 percent. Laughable, isn’t it? That’s putting the Obama administration in the unusual position of threatening to violate contract law a la Marxist dictatorship, something President Obama surely wants to avoid.

For that matter, the Obama administration hasn’t been able to make up its mind where it stands on the issue of the AIG bonuses. The President himself expressed “outrage” but then later had key spokespersons explain that contract law was contract law and couldn’t be violated. Well, Schumer’s flagrant display of blunt authoritarianism was perhaps intended to deflect attention away from the mounting problems Obama faces. It didn’t work—Democrat approval ratings are beginning to slide as people wake up to the many ways in which they have been hornswoggled, and to the fact that 155 million bucks doesn’t add up to the trillions of dollars in debt laid at the feet of taxpayers by Obama Inc.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Double Dunce Dick Durban and the Mexican Border Problem

So I’m not a dumb person, well maybe a little, but for the life of me I can’t figure out how the Congress gets away with it. Here you have Double Dunce Dick Durbin talking about how the problems in Mexico are caused by “thousands of guns sent over the border” and causing the violent deaths of “innocent people.” Yeah, that’s what he said, “innocent people,” So why doesn’t somebody clue Durbin in that more than 90 percent of people killed by the drug cartels were involved in the drug trade.

But I guess Double Dunce Durbin doesn’t want to know that. He’d have to suddenly wake up and realize “Omigod, I’m stupid.” Besides, pretending that violence south of the border is caused by guns shipped from America has a great deal of appeal to his lunatic gun-control constituency. Has it ever occurred to him that there are more guns in the American border towns and yet places like El Paso, where people can legally carry guns, have low crime rates and few murders?

Durbin’s what Marx and Lenin referred to when they coined the term “useful idiot.” Obama needs people like Durbin around him to conduct policy with a blunt end. The only trouble with Durbin is that he has two blunt ends and only one of them has ears.

But I’m glad President Obama is sending more drug agents to the border, though the small number he’s sending only goes to show you that few can be spared from America’s own all-night illegal drug store. I have a really, really, really novel idea and I’d like to present it to the president since he today requested ideas instead of criticisms.

Do something about illegal drug consumption in the U.S. Wouldn’t that help a little in quelling drug violence in Juarez and Tijuana and other places in the Mexican border states? Without America sending 50 billion dollars worth of illegal drug money out of the country, there would be little reason for the multi-millionaire drug moguls to send their armies out to kill each other and the Mexican police, too.

This whole dopey notion Duncecap Durbin has stops way short of the top floor of his brain building. Guns are manufactured everywhere around the world. Does Durbin think that a worldwide drug smuggling operation is so short of wits that it couldn’t figure out how to bring guns in from Belgium, Argentina, or perhaps Bulgaria?

Yet statements of the unfounded type that Durbin and other anti-gun nanny-state simpletons routinely make are not made to improve the human condition but rather for the purpose of increasing the misery. The reason for increasing the misery, of course, is so that you can be saved, and people like Double Dunce Durban can appear to be the saviors.

But I’m not a dumb person, well…maybe a little….but that doesn’t stop me from wondering why the Administration, amidst all of its high-flown sentiments and astral ideals, has chosen the reduction-ad-absurdum approach to a problem that is destroying America. And Mexico too!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Eric Holder's Faux Border Policy

Dear Eric Holder:

Lose the mustache! I know you're an admirer of Adolph Hitler but there is a worry you'll embarrass the president. You're not working for Bill Clinton any more, after all. Now, let's get down to the heart of the matter.

America is awash with illegal drugs and neither you nor your boss in the White House has a clue about what to do. Sure, the media is reporting that the president "might send troops to the border. Whoopie-doo, dude! WTF does that mean? You'll have to have a better plan than to entertain us with a dog and pony show; after all, that kind of act originated in Mexico. You need to do something real, not b.s. the people into the idea that the problem has to do with the flow of American guns to the drug cartels operating in Mexico and other parts of Latin America. How about telling us what your policy is?

According to a recent report, the amount of illegal drug U.S. dollars flowing across the border is larger than the legal amount of 26 billion sent home by U.S. Mexican-Americans to their families. Annual drug capital flows to Mexico and Latin America are said to amount to 39 billion dollars but I'd venture to say that the real number is considerably higher. So if that's not your idea of a "Stimulus Plan" for the Mexicans, you need to do something besides pose as an Attorney General and utter sweet nothings about gun control into the ears of your rich elitist limousine liberal Democratic supporters.

Our kids are killing each other, killing innocents, and killing themselves with drugs. You need to do something to stop it. There are drug gangs operating not only in major cities but also in the ubiquitous American suburbs and even in the country districts where drug activity tends to go unnoticed. Crime has wheels and wings; it's mobile like never before or haven't you heard?

I realize you're clueless so I'm free with my advice. The first thing to do is take your head out of your butt and admit that America is being ruined by illegal drugs. The second step would be to say something about it. The third thing would be to actually do something about it. I realize you would rather talk about gun control and "assault weapons" because the thought of having to act against America's drug scourge is terrifying to someone who has so long displaced his priorities.

You want to help out the Mexicans? You want to help us out? Get Americans to stop using drugs. Tell them where their money is going and what it's buying and what it's doing to the quality of life in America. There's this whole liberal horseshit thing where you talk about "prevention" and "treatment" but the facts are that every minute someone's bleeding from a drug deal gone bad or from robberies gone bad or because someone is so whacked out of their head with dope that they can't do anything else but get somebody wet.

Aren't you guys supposed to be the "community" types, the boys from the hood and all that. Well, the 'hood is dying and those who can get out are gettin out but it's often no use because America's all-night Illegal Drug Store is operating 24/7 and you're doing nothing about it but pretending. Yours is a sin of omission. You're letting our kids grow up in this violence, this violence which ruins our communities and our schools. You guys ain't no "community" boys--You're pocketbook boys--spoon-fed in elite schools and the last thing you want to do is connect with where the problem is really at.

Isn't there something better you can do than to pretend?

Pennsylvania Democrats Wear Too Many "Caps"

It's the ultimate in hypocrisy and constituency flim-flam. I got an email from the Pennsylvania Democrats touting their efforts to "rein in" energy prices in 2010. Currently, electricity rates are regulated in Pennsylvania but the regulations are set to expire very soon. PA residents expect high rates of increase in their electric bills. So what do the Democrats have to brag about? Well, they've introduced a bill to prevent the Power companies from raising rates more than 15 percent in any given year. Read that again!

Pretending to be helping you, the bastards are allowing 15 percent annual rate increases on all users. That could mean fifteen, thirty, forty-five, sixty, seventy five, ninety, and then rates could go to a hundred and five. Fact is the Democrats are screwing us over on both the local and national level.

Not only are electricity rates set to rise, but the Obama administration is pushing "cap and trade" taxes on all industries which will push energy prices even higher. Guess who pays? Guess who should pay?

The bastards who pretend to be helping us while they're trying to brainwash into a mindless acceptance of astronomical energy rates should pay heavily---at the polls.

Vote the bastards out!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Waters Helped Bank Whose Stock She Once Owned - WSJ.com

Waters Helped Bank Whose Stock She Once Owned - WSJ.comI just found out from another Wall Street Journal report that there are "white banks" and African - American banks and that racial politics could be played to the good effect of enriching oneself. I certainly do think it is admirable to create minority owned businesses but here, once again, we have a California Democrat trying to enrich herself in the Congress. And here I thought money was green.

Economic Stimulus: Go to Congress, Get Rich

There's been a lot of questions raised by Senator Chris Dodd's lucrative relationship with Angelo Mozilo of the defunct Countrywide Bank. Friends of Angelo Mozilo got cheap loans with few questions. One hand washed the other, as Dodd and Barney Frank urged bankers to put out as much housing money as they could in the form of subprime loans. Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae, with congressional urging, could be relied upon to absorb as much bad debt as they could. It was all done "for Americans across the country" and now the very same Americans are done in by the rot and corruption.

That wasn't Dodd's only caper. A reporter at the Hartford Courant has found Dodd playing fast and loose with Government ethics in the purchase of a house in Galway, Ireland. If the idea of our "civil servants" getting rich on the strength of their connections seems squishy to you, the method of acquisition, in little bits and pieces, stretched over time shows Dodd's conniving reach and obsession for making money while "serving the people." This cries out for investigation and finally the wheels are beginning to move.

Dodd first bought 1/3 of the estate, and then 8 years later bought the other 2/3 at one-tenth its real value. Reporters conjecture it was payback for Dodd's lobbying with Bill Clinton for a pardon of Dodd's long-time buddy, Edward Downes Jr. Downes is a convicted felon, having vioated SEC rules.

There's no end of grabbing for riches when you're in Congress. What is it with top Democrats and real estate deals? Know what? I don't trust many of the leading Democrats, and I doubt the president, with his previous Rezko joint purchase connections, will anything more than talk about integrity in government. Because, when there is none, that's all you can do. Talk.

So when little Johnny comes home from school and asks you why someone would want to go to congress, you can say:

"Well, that's easy, son. People go to the Congress of the United States to get rich, most especially from real estate deals."

Monday, March 9, 2009

Stimulus Plan Needs a Stimulus Plan

I thought it was funny a few days ago when President Obama advised people to buy stocks now and hold them for the long term. No doubt he was contemplating a Hail Mary pass. And how long did he mean? The comments were as ill-advised as his invitation to public dialogue with Rush Limbaugh. This was after having his spokespersons telling everyone the stock market didn't matter.

Any stimulus bill had to be focused directly on jobs, the banks, the housing market. Departing from that focus has accounted for a great deal of lost credibility. The President's limousine liberal pals haven't been eager to rush into the markets, either short term or long term.

The Obama Stimulus Plan seems to have driven the markets down, and the confusion telegraphed to business around the world has contributed to economic collapse. The economic plans of the administration create the impression of being spur-of-the-moment reactions to conditions they don't understand in the first place. The cap-and-trade talk is a retardant; a tax on corporations, passed onto consumers, will not help matters.

Don't think I'm being gloomy. I have good news for you. The Obama plan will indeed "create or save three" or four million jobs. That's because millions of baby boomers are beginning to retire even as we speak, and millions more to follow. But what of the money already spent so the administration can claim that its humungous money dump was successful? It's blocking the markets from finding its true footing, allowing to to fall through a series of false bottoms until it doesn't know exactly where it really is.

That's why Obama's liberal limousine elite are giving lip service only to the Obama economic plan. When asked to vote their pocketbooks, they vote no and run for the hills.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Obma Economic Wizards Continue to Hammer Markets

Inauguration Day marked the largest decline in the stock market in several months and the decline has continued. Yesterday, there was what Wall Streeters call a "sucker rally" but today the Dow lost that 200 points and went down 100 more.

Business analysts are no longer shy about expressing their opinions. It's hard to find anyone who believes that the pin-brain trust has any clue about what they're doing besides spending money and lots of it.

The common people are still a bit confused and a dwindling number of them are still in denial but they're catching on to the fact they are being conned and hoodwinked. Eventually, they'll be calling for heads to roll. So far the foxy guardians of the henhouse, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and Patrick Leahy, have managed to deflect criticism. They're desperate to talk about anything beside what the administration is doing about the economy--spending money and tons of it--all of it in a scattershot approach.

The brain-dead Obama administration refuses to acknowledge anything is wrong. They're quite happy to engage in some public puppet-show with Rush Limbaugh in the hope that'll get them temporarily off the hook.

Fact is, things have gotten steadily worse. There's no confidence in the Obamaa team, and it is not enough to cite phony polls hyping Obama's high approval ratings. Why then does our local survey of 2000 people chosen at random show 44 percent who think the Stimulus Plan will not help, another 40 percent who believe it will be harmful, and the rest supporting Obama. That's sure not a 60 percent approval rating so where does that crap come from? The DNC and their toadies at MSNBC, no doubt.

Democrats Defend President Obama from Rush Limbaugh Attacks - Associated Content

Democrats Defend President Obama from Rush Limbaugh Attacks - Associated ContentDemocrats launch a "Twinkie Defense" of President Obama, as they launch an offensive against Rush Limbaugh.

AnnCoulter.com - Archived Article: OLBERMANN'S PLASTIC IVY

AnnCoulter.com - Archived Article: OLBERMANN'S PLASTIC IVYI have never been a big fan of Ann Coulter but, after reading this, I may have to revise my opinion. Perhaps she's a better writer than talk-show appearance person.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

An Honest Leftist - WSJ Editorial

Best of the Web Today: An Honest Leftist - WSJ.com People are buzzing about Rush Limbaugh? Here's a truthful admission by a man who prayed for the U.S. to fail in the Iraq war. Limbaugh's fulminations only hurt some feelings; the shameful thinking of the anti-war crowd helped get American soldiers killed.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Obama Economic Team Tanks the Markets

Okay, it’s time for some truth telling. Much of the electorate was convinced that President O. would give the economy a boost. To be technical, he did, only it was a boost in the wrong direction.

Today Obama was on television speechifying about how he wouldn’t “take a short term view of the economy.” I think that’s kind of sad because you could learn a lot from a short-term view. You could learn, for instance, that the stock market has dropped like a rock in a short time and that the much vaunted “change you can believe in” slogan is now understood as “change we don’t need.” It’s okay for “Bubble Boy” Obama to hide from reality but what about the rest of us soon-to-be-geriatrics who lost money we could ill afford in our IRAs and Keogh style savings plans. He doesn’t care about us, for sure. Obama thinks we don’t know what it is to struggle, and that finally arriving in some modicum of a middle class, we are to be turned upside down and pick-pocketed. It’s rough—I’m starting over—joining the other oldsters who are scrabbling along sideways like crabs toward a Social Security program which Obama will cut in order to make his phantasmagorical numbers work.

It’s not just Obama—because let’s face it, Obama’s not an economist and has little grasp of financial issues. His comments on economic matters are halting, reticent, uncertain. Compare him to Turbo-Tax Timothy, the blue-eyed devil of a Treasury Secretary and Tax Cheat. Compare him to Bernanke who, though restrained, does have a clue. Or rather, is withholding a clue. The clue is that Obama’s numbers don’t work and will require tax increases beyond those already announced. The Obama team is projecting a growth rate of 3 % or more in 2009. That shouldn’t surprise anyone since just about everyone in Obama’s staff and cabinet is enjoying the benefits of the new liberalized medical marijuana policies.

Of course, marijuana will still be illegal to transport and sell so the cartels won’t feel as if they are being singled out for torture, abuse, or discrimination. But marijuana usage will expand since everyone will feel safe to smoke in public. The worst part of that is the hypocrisy. Why not legalize marijuana and smuggling, going all the way with the Obama relaxed drug policy? The way things stand, the Mexican police will continue to be challenged by the violent cartels. And so will we at the bordera and north of it.

Don’t worry, though. Obama’s little mustachioed Nazi Eric Holder is mounting an extensive gun control initiative. Word is spreading all along the border that a new sheriff is in town. The cartel is quaking in its boots. You know they are quaking in their boots because you can hear the laughter all the way to Canada.

Certainly, additional gun bans on law-abiding citizens with 2nd Amendment rights will mitigate the violence along the borders in Mexico and the U.S. Drug dealers and murderers always follow the rules. Believe you me, there will be a peaceful, easy, feeling in Harvard Yard.

It’s time to tell the truth. Obama supporters have no more confidence in their guy than the people who voted for John McCain. They’re not buying into today’s revamped economy with its housing-gambler bailout of people who used their homes as if they were debit cards. Are they? Are waves of investors who believe in the Obama economic hype dying to get into the markets at these rock-bottom prices?

Wait ‘til the kids find out that Obama’s mortgaged their futures, relegating them forever to a marginal standard of living, without jobs, without the economic padding the president has pulled from the nation’s coffers to achieve his flaky political motives and demagogic ambitions.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Robert Gibbs, Obama Press Secretary Speaks:

"We want to give the people that work in the CIA the tools they need to keep us safe, but do so in a way that also protects our values," said White House press secretary Robert Gibbs. UMMMMMHHHH.... What was Gibbs talking about?

Well, the Obama administration feels that waterboarding is torture, and in its new and highly selective "opennness" is releasing lots of information about the CIA and its workings in the war on terror. Oh, and we will not be using the words "war on terror" any more, under orders from the Obama Pin-Brain Trust.

Also considered forms of torture by the Obama administration are loud music and sleep deprivation. I expect next that interrogators will have to adopt new rules of etiquette and a dress code. Interrogators will advise detainees of their Miranda rights, and provide prompt referals to lawyers provided at the expense of the government.

What gibberish is Gibbs uttering when he says "we want to give the people that work in the CIA the tools they need to keep us safe but do so in a way that protects our values."

What tools are these, I'd like to know? Subpoenas? Search warrants? Television appearances? Oratory?

Bubble Boy Obama and the Tall Tales of Economic Salvation

I wonder if Rahm Emmanual is afraid to tell “Bubble Boy” that there’s no confidence in his economic plans. Left, middle, liberal, conservative—all are whispering that Obama’s economic march is a backward one. Why do they have to whisper? Even those who believe in the administration policies, and so many of the folks who voted of Obama, feel that Obama’s foot on the neck of the economy comes at too high a price, and at the wrong time, and has sent the American economy reeling.

Today’s marked another 300 point drop in the stock market, to follow on the heels of a previous 1500 drop. The stock market’s not everything, of course, but pretending that it doesn’t exist is typical of “Bubble Boy” Obama. Doesn’t he realize that the moms and pops and blue-collar Joes have their already shrunken head pension monies in mutual funds? Bubble Boy keeps talking the markets down though, and the pension funds follow him down.

Who in the hell needs higher energy costs? And taxes which will be paid out in higher food costs, electric costs, everything costs, paid out by the little people Bubble Boy has mesmerized with high-flown phrases.

Is there anything more to cap and trade than environmental fascism? It hasn’t yet been shown there’s science behind it. Isn’t science supposed to be empirical? Where’s the data?

When people voted for Obama, they often said to each other:

“How could thing be any worse than under Bush?”

Now, they know. Presumably. Unless they prefer to live in the bubble with Bubble Boy.

Sunday, March 1, 2009