Wednesday, February 4, 2009

That's Right, Barack Obama--You Did Screw Up

Even though it was obvious to everyone, even the New York Times, that President Obama screwed up in some of his cabinet picks, it sure was nice to hear him say it in his interview with CNN. I've begun to think the guy has potential. Now if only he could whip his Party into coming up with a stimulus plan that didn't resemble an old-style Communist Party Cultural Purge, we could get something truly stimulative done.

With regard to Obama's announcement today about the cap on executive salaries at corporations taking bailout funds, I find that a double-edged sword. I'm okay with XO's who make a lot of money--that's none of my business so long as you're not taking our tax dollars.

But I don't see how the government, which found it so hard to police the wild activities in Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac, could effectively monitor salaries and compensation in corporate America. It would be more believable if the president called for hearings on Countrywide Bank connections with Chris Dodd and with Fanny Mae while top Democrats ran the housing agencies.

'Splain yourself, dude...

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