Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Shocked! Shocked!: Hamas Hides in Civilian Houses?

20-year-old Mohammed Amazi was captured by Israeli soldiers when he ran out of hiding from a civilian house. Only 20 when he was captured, Amazi was 12 when he was recruited by older Hamas child abusers. Like many of his peers, Amazi was trained in a suicide bombing unit and brainwashed.

In his interrogation by IDF soldiers, Amazi described how he and his group were given Israli Army uniforms so that they could mingle in the civilian populations to detonate their bombs. Kidnapping was also a priority. Amazi was captured by the Israeli forces while hiding in a second civilian household, pretending to be engaged the frightened civilian's daughter. It's hard to argue with terrorists with guns and bombs. Unfortunately, the IDF soldiers weren't as stupid as all that. Now he's singing his guts out and this could point to more terrorist arrest.

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