Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Senator Inhofe & Me: Keep Guantanamo Prison Open for Business

Senator James Inhofe (R –OK) is out in front of the hunt for something dear to my heart—the announced closing of the Gitmo facility by the Obama administration. Inhofe is calling for the President to keep it open. There are 110 dangerous killers in there. The Bush administration already released hundreds of the less dangerous ones. The remaining terrorists are unwanted in all countries.

Obama succumbed to the lamenting of Democratic Party loony left wing of the party in making the announcement they would close the terrorist prison at Guantanamo, Cuba. Obama should think a little more about his Terrorist Catch and Release Program. Does he want it on his conscience if one of the hard-cores gets off the reservation and goes back to killing some mother’s son or daughter? I wouldn’t. But that’s what’s happened already, and more than once.

I’m sure there are lots of people in the U.S and the whole world., particularly among the aged poor population, who wouldn’t mind being interned at Gitmo. I don’t expect I’d get better treatment anywhere after Alzheimer’s set’s in (if it hasn’t already) than in Gitmo.

• The Red Cross notes plenty of recreation in beautiful recreation areas.

• Great medical treatment for free—much better than Medicaid or Medicare.

• A varied menu in keeping with personal and religious preferences.

Please, Barack, Mr. President….Isn’t there something you could do to get me interned there when I’m 94 and alone?

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