Friday, February 6, 2009

Obama Speak: Stimulate Means Spend

At some point, people will realize that Obama is a great speaker only to his fan base in the media. The president was on the telly trying very hard to be entertaining in that imitable sing-song way of speaking that he has.

"Some folks have criticized my Stimulus Plan by saying it is too heavy on spending. Spending? Isn't that what a Stimulus Plan is.... Spending?" ....and har-har-de-har, guffawed the Prez.

Wow! SAT word match! We stand corrected. I thought "stimulate" meant to excite something or get something moving again. Spending may be a stimulant for pork-seeking Democrats but there are other ways of stimulating the economy. It is the economy they're talking about, isn't it?

But Barack has been advised he needs to take that whole bunch of taxpayer money, all that private capital, launder it through the sacred halls of government, and pour it into the public sector.

Talk about scare tactics! There are so many parts of the package that have nothing to do with stimulating the economy, and won't created jobs, and won't loosen credit, and won't do anything about the collapsed housing market.

It won't work, I'm telling you now. The economy has a mind of its own and will re-bound in good time. Meanwhile, be sure to teach your children how to build tee-pees because that's all they'll be able to afford when the Treasury has to print all that money, interest rates go through the roof, and it costs 30 bucks to buy a cup of coffee at Starbucks. If there is a Starbucks....

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