Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Was Chris Matthews Born with a Boot Up His Ass?

I would put up a picture of Chris Matthews so you can see who he is if you've been so lucky as not to know. Fact is, I can't stand his apoplectic Howdy-Doody puss. His "thrill down my leg" enthusiasm for Barack is one thing but his brain has to be encrusted with doo-doo. In blabbing about the Burris matter today, Matthews opined to a black guy that "right-wingers" were an unlikely ally to the Burris appointment. He meant Republicans. He thinks we're powerfully motivated by an enjoyment of Harry Reid/Nanny Pelosi embarassment. Since we're patently inhuman, and everyone is supposed to understand that, we cannot be truly sympathetic to the spectacle of a 71 year old man tossed out into the damp cold sleet of a Washington winter after presenting himself to the Congress. Oil Can Harry and Congress' First Nanny Pelosi rejected his credentials, even though the man has never been accused of any wrongdoing.

Not only did I feel sorry for him. I was truly angry that they would publicly humiliate the man. It was low and scurrilous, not to mention unconstitutional and outside of civil behavior. The Democrats who did this have acted like complete buffoons. Harry Reid deserves a public whipping, perhaps to be put into stocks (and I don't mean the financial kind).

There's a Supreme Court precedent ruling for allowing Burris' appointment to stand and how could anyone not know that? The Wall Street Journal reported the Adam Clayton Powell re-instatement several days ago.

I think Blagojevich is a crook but that's not a conviction. Assuming Blago is guilty does not implicate Burris in any way. However, Blagojevich has not even been indicted, let alone convicted. The only "paper" he's accumulated is the filing of a criminal complaint. Not even an impeachment.

Whatever Blago's predicament, he still has the legal authority to make the appointment as things stand right now. Why are the lead Democrats being so dim,dumb, and opaque? What motivates them to humiliate a decent man? What arrogance propels them to put themselves above the constitution?

This stuff is ugly, horrid, repellent. What better spokesman could it have than Chris Matthews?

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